Atomic Email Autoresponder (AEA) is must-have software for effective communication with your customers.

Atomic Email Autoresponder (AEA) can handle most interactions with your prospects and clients. When a new person sends you an email containing certain fields or information, AEA discerns that information, and starts "talking" to this person in accordance with the rules you set.

Atomic Email Autoresponder is the perfect personal assistant. It’s never tired, does everything exactly on time, and never goes on vacation. Believe us—it’s the way to success!

The second important purpose of this email autoreply software is increasing customer loyalty. According to the latest estimates, the expense of keeping old customers is considerably lower than the expense of attracting new ones. Here’s where Atomic Email Autoresponder helps you again. It will never let your customers forget about you. According to the schedule you specify, Atomic Email Autoresponder will notify your customers and prospects about new products, special offers, discounts, etc.


How AEA stands out

Atomic Email Autoresponder sends sequential unlimited automatic responses. Sequential email autoreply software refers to a responder that does not simply send a standard message in reply to a message from a user, but can send a sequence of messages to this user, one by one, at specified intervals. For example, it sends one message today, the second message the day after tomorrow, and the third message a month from now.

According to e-commerce analysts' estimates, sending three or more email messages considerably increases the possibility of a response from a prospect.

We recommend that you use our Atomic Email Autoresponder to create a set of approximately three sequential messages. Three is a “happy medium,” preventing customers from forgetting about you without bothering them.


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Atomic Email Autoresponder Screenshots

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Atomic Email Autoresponder - Main Window

Atomic Email Autoresponder - Auto-reply Rule Manager

Atomic Email Autoresponder - Incoming mail setting

Atomic Email Autoresponder - Stop List settings

Our clients about Atomic Email Autoresponder:

This software is turned out to be very useful. When people email me to inquire about my rates it immediately sends an email a detailed email with all information the prospect might need, even when I am not at the computer.

Paul Hall