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Common settings

This window allows you to customize the working of the Atomic Email Hunter.

Connection page

Internet and HTTP connection settings

Here you are setting the options for HTTP protocol. They are used to retieve the pages from Internet.

User agent is a value that Atomic Email Hunter will use when it loads pages from the sites it will search. The recommended value is Internet Explorer, so the sites will think what you are browsing them, but not analizyng the data.

Referer is a URL address which referred you to the page being searched. Some sites need this parameter. The default and recommended value is a blank, change it for the troubleshooting.

Time out is time period when Atomic Email Hunter waits the requetsed page. Increase the value if your Internet connection is too slow.

Retry count is a number of retries to access the page. Sometimes the sites are too busy and do not return a requested page. The three is an optimal value.

HTTP port is a port to access the sites. 80 is standard value and should not be changed

Threads is a number of simultaneousely procesed pages. 10 is a default value. If your Internet connection is fast and your computer is modern then you may increase it, otherwise decrease it to optimize the search speed.

Allow HTTP redirections tells Atomic Email Hunter to follow redirections from HTTP and HTML commands. Check this box to process the sites completely, because many of them do not return a page, but redirects you to another one.

Follow instructions in "robots.txt" - if this box is checked the Atomic Email Hunter will not process the pages disabled in a file "robots.txt" located on the processed web server.

Proxy settings page

Proxy server settings

Using of a proxy-server defines if a proxy is being used. If "Use direct Internet connection" is set there then Atomic Email Hunter will request the pages from the sites directly without a proxy use. if "Use custom proxy settings" is set then Atomic Email Hunter will use a proxy server with specified address, port number and authentication info. The default and recommended value is "Use Internet Explorer defaults", in this method Atomic Email Hunter will automatically detect the best proxy server that you are using to surf the Web and use it.

E-mail filters page

E-mail address filtering settings

Here you may define rules to ignore some found e-mail addresses. For example, you may not add the addresses from abuse@ address, FBI's addresses (@fbi.gov) etc. Also you may block addresses from some users, i.e. containing a string with the users name.

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