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Using the Atomic Email Hunter

This is a screenshot of Atomic Email Hunter under Windows XP:
Atomic Email Hunter screenshot

Atomic Email Hunter is very easy to use. Type in a URL or some keywords and press Enter to begin.

Click on Advanced... button and you can set some limiting parameters for your search, such as the search depth and keywords filters. A new pull-down panel will shown to customize the extraction.

Results of e-mail search appear in this window. Each found address takes its own line with some additional information - the name of address' owner and location where this e-mail was found first time. When you are saving the results this additional information could be stored together with a list of addresses. This is a good way to make a targeted mailing list with personalization details.

When e-mail addresses are found you may save them to a file, copy to the Clipboard or export to the Microsoft Word or Excel. Merely, click an appropriate button on the toolbar or choose a comman in main menu.

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