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Search Engine scripts

Choose menu item Settings / Search Engines / Edit... to open the window for editing the scripts defining Search Engine rules.

Edit Search Engine scripts

Here you may edit the existing, create new and share your own scripts for using Search Engines to find e-mail addresses. Use drop-down listbox to find a script for editing. Once the script is modified you should press Save button to apply the changes or button V to show a small menu to access additional actions:

Edit Search Engine menu Save as - saves the script with new name (NOTE: "SE_name" field should repeat the new name of the script).

New script - creates a new script

Delete script - deletes the currently edited script

Share this script - sends the script to developers for inclusion into the new version of Email Hunter (Why not help us create new scripts and make Email Hunter more powerful?).

Download new scripts - opens the browser to check for the new scripts.

Making the new scripts

Here is a sample script for AltaVista:


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AtomPark\Atomic Email Hunter]
What should you change here:

SE_url - a web page what Email Hunter will parse the find the links to sites for "hunting". In the sample above this url is AltaVista's Advanced Search results page (with 100 links). %s will be replaced to encoded keyword that the user had entered.

SE_skip - these links will not added to the "hunting" queue. For example, AltaVista have lots of links to their own pages (altavista.com domain) and links to other resources (a12.g.akamai.net domain). Use $$$ to separate the domains.

SE_name - Search Engine name. You should use the same names for the script and "SE_name" field.

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