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Quick Intro

How to validate email addresses and check mailing list

Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV) is a program intended for checking whether an email address exists. AMV reads the list of email addresses contained either in a text file or in Windows Clipboard and checks whether they exist.

The three levels check up can be performed (selected levels or all levels together):

  • E-mail address syntax check
  • E-mail domain existence check
  • Mailbox on server existence check
Please go to the appropriate Help's section to learn more about email addresses verification basics in AMV

E-mail addresses in the file being imported can be located each on a new line or sequentially being separated by commas (so called CSV-files). Addresses can also be in "Mr. First" <first@aol.com> format. The application correctly understands such spelling and even checks it for correct syntax on the fly.

Validate email addresses and check your mailing list with Atomic Mail Verifier

Keep reading to get know how to:

Verify e-mail addresses
Save verified e-mail addresses