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Obsessed with a Digital-Marketing and want to share your experience and thoughts? If you’ve got an idea that will challenge our readers, we want to hear it!

We consider next forms of non-profit partnership:

  1. Cooperation with individual writers
  2. Cooperation with blogs that have related topics: marketing, business, entrepreneurship etc.

Both variants, you’ll get:

  • the growth of  your name popularity as the author/brand recognizability
  • great experience of cooperation with a large international company

Moreover, if your story would be very interesting for our editors we will tell about it to all our clients and subscribers in social networks (Twitter, Facebook) and newsletter digest.

Want to increase the reputation of your blog/website? Share your experience with our readers!  

What we are looking for

Our audience is huge, there are marketers, businesses, content strategists, designers and similar.

Look at the sections of our blog for more accurate navigation in the choice of articles theme. The most popular of it is:

  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization Tips
  • Sales
  • Social Media Marketing
  • e-Commerce
  • Mobile marketing

"Laudatory odes" devoted to certain companies or products make our editor feels sad. Please, don't send us materials similar to press releases.

We want only hot, practical and useful posts which will help people to achieve goals in their business.

The content of the article should...

  • be unique at least on 90%
  • contain at least 500 words without spaces
  • be illustrated with the good quality pictures (for title - width 600px, for preview - 300*255px)
  • include maximum 1-2 links to the third-party resources
  • preserve the classic structure of text: introduction, where you tell what you want to say next, the main part implies the presence of logical blocks of information, the lists (if possible); conclusions

Remember, the main rule - 80% of the useful information, 20% promotion. If you want to mention your product/service, you can specify it as an example, among others.

We reserve the right:

  • to change the content
  • to remove/add links in the text
  • don't publish 100% promotional texts

Additional info for the publication

  1. Author Bio
  2. Write the title (maximum 60 characters) and description (maximum 160 characters) for your article.

Have any questions or propositions?

Send the materials and address of your site for an article exchange to our editor Anastasia Sukhareva on a.suhareva@atompark.com.

We will be glad to publish your textual masterpieces)

Make your choice and let's start writing!