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comments 30.04.2010 Paul Shuteyev @ Internet Marketing Strategies, Marketing

SMS Market Statistics 2009 – Know your customer!

* In 2009, U.S. cell phone subscribers sent and received on average 390 text messages per month, compared to making 230 voice calls a month, according to the Mobile Business Statistics. * Between the ages of 12 – 45 will send 60% more text messages than make voice calls. * Currently 1/3 of the world […]

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Email Marketing Campaign: Content, Timing, Promotion. BestOf Tips.

Message Content P.S. All Tips are Tested with Atomic Email Products 1. Design Button vs. text link: Which draws more attention? With potentially more than half of your subscribers reading messages with images off, they might be missing your call to action or link to your offer. Send one message with a button image, optimized […]

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Steb-by-Step Atomic Email Studio Tutorial 2010

Video-tutorial below will help you to learn more about all the innovative features that Atomic Email Studio has. Atomic Email Studio is a full all-in-one stand-alone software solution with such features like: Creating and managing email marketing projects Creating, building and collecting email lists Tracking email marketing feedback Getting email marketing campaign statistics Sending emails, […]