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Atomic Mail Verifier Online vs. Atomic Mail Verifier: Who is Who?

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Email example Atomic Mail Verifier vs Verifier-Online

A clean email database is the key to successful email marketing. If you send emails to invalid addresses, your mailings are badly affected. That’s why such programs & solutions like Atomic Mail Verifier Online & Atomic Mail Verifier have become popular. What’s the difference between these two?

Atomic Mail Verifier vs. Mail Verifier Online

So, the major difference is that Atomic Mail Verifier is a program that should be installed into your PC and activated using a key. Mail Verifier Online is an online solution that runs without any downloads, installments and keygen activations directly while working with the Internet. You simply work in your personal account without acquiring any software for your computer.

If you choose a fast access to Mail Verifier Online, you basically use Email cleaner that helps to get rid of email addresses with syntax errors, disposable and service addresses. As well as the most basic verification features that will clean up the garbage from any email database.

In the case with the Atomic Email Verifier program, it provides complete email verification, including SMTP requests. The service detects email addresses from the Catch-All category, role-based and disposable addresses, and also allows you to use API integration to check email directly on the site.

How does Atomic Email Verifier work?

Before proceeding with a detailed examination of all the possibilities, let’s discuss how this program works. How does it check emails? How are results displayed and how can they be saved? Read it and you will figure that out.

The program checks your email in three major steps:

  1. Checksks syntax

    There are some standards for how an email address should look. If not, then it is wrong. So, the first step is to check if the item meets the requirements for how an email address should look. Thus, the program will delete addresses with errors (for example, john! @ $, ann # yahoo, etc).
  2. Checks the domain

    It is logical that if there is no domain, then the email address does not exist either. So, the program checks if the correct domain exists.
  3. Checks the email address

    This is the last step for the most accurate verification. Atomic Email Verifier contacts the domain’s SMTP server and checks if a specific user is there. The program tries to send a test mailing to the address and waits for a response from the server. If the newsletter cannot be delivered, then the address is invalid. This last level helps to tell exactly if the letter is real or invalid. But note that this step is only possible if port 25 is open.
    This three-step verification ensures the highest level of accuracy in the verification process. So the lists verified with Atomic Email Verifier are flawless and only contain good email addresses.
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The results look like this:

Email example Atomic Email Verifier window

You can see the number of valid, invalid, undefined and disposable emails.

There is a demo version of the program that you can download for free. This allows the software to be tested for 7 days after installation. All features are available, so you can take a full test drive of this email validator. But the only thing that is impossible in the demo version of Atomic Email Verifier is saving verification results. To use the clean list only with valid email addresses, you should buy the full version of the software.

These results may be saved on your PC as .xls or .doc files, exported to

  • MS Word,
  • MS Excel,
  • OpenOffice Calc or OpenOffice Writer.

You can download emails as the following files:

  • Word files
  • Plain text file
  • Excel files
  • Outlook address book.

You can also copy your list and paste it into the checker from the clipboard. Finally, since Atomic Email Verifier is compatible with other Atom Park Software programs, you can export results to any of them. The only difference between the program and the solution is the fact that the latter allows export between the programs from your dashboard only. You may not download the results and store them on your PC. The program allows unlimited address lists.

For example, if you want to manage your list after checking it (sort it out, split it into parts, etc.), you may easily export it to the Atomic List Manager. Or, if you’re ready to launch an email marketing campaign, there’s the option to export your verified email list immediately to Atomic Mail Sender, an email sending program.

You may only keep good emails or keep two different files with valid and invalid addresses.

The program works much better if port 25 is open. Sometimes this port can be blocked by ISPs or firewalls. So, before you start checking your email, make sure port 25 is open.

Atomic Mail Verifier Online

Atomic Mail Verifier Online is also a handy email checker tool. There are all the necessary functions. However, the program is best chosen for a full-fledged and regular email verification work.

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It supports any address list format.

Finally, Atomic Email Verifier Online is fully compatible with all other Atomic products. Thus, it is easy and convenient to import addresses into a verification tool, for example, from the Atomic Email Extractor, which also collects emails from the Internet. This will greatly facilitate your preparation for your email marketing campaigns. After analyzing the email addresses, you may import them into Atomic Email Verifier to check if all the addresses are valid and make an in-depth research.

Email example Atomic Mail Verifier Online window

You may specify any settings required for a more efficient check out. There are the list of options for cleaning up mailing lists and so much more.

A Few Benefits of Atomic Mail Verifier vs. Mail Verifier Online

After a full review of these program & solution and studying the information from the official website, you will discover the following advantages:

Using both of them is an easy job. The program is easy to install. It’s ready to go on your PC in a minute. Online solution goes without saying.

Plus, it’s easy to configure. The interface is clear; all functions are located either on the panel at the top of the window, or in the “General settings”. Thus, you do not have to search for the desired option for a long time. It only takes you a few seconds.

But still, if you are using the program for the first time and you have problems when performing the necessary operations or configuring something, there is “Help”, which contains a complete guide to using the software. All you have to do to see it is press F2.

Good technical support 24/7 is available.

If there are any problems you do not know how to solve, contact technical support in no time. Experts are ready to help you at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. And their contacts can be found on the official website where you may load the program. You may use the most convenient communication method of communication. The site has a live chat, phone number and email. Thus, you may use any of them to contact technical support for help.

  • Three-step verification
  • Simple intuitive interface design
  • Advanced settings for better checking
  • Detailed results
  • Proxy compatibility
  • SMTP connectivity
  • Good price
  • Support 24/7
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All these and more features make Atomic products for verification very simple and effective tools for checking your address list. You can use different types of connections to make the program run more securely and faster. In addition, you can use other functions for a better and more convenient check out online.

Atomic Verifier Online as a great express service for deleting the nonexistent emails in 3 minutes provides you with the following features:

  • 100 free credits
  • Domain checking
  • MTA validation
  • Disposable address removals
  • Hard bounce checker
  • Duplicate deleting
  • Defining Catch-all-addresses
  • Syntax errors check out
  • Filtering by business addresses
  • Selectable download options

So, it’s more flexible & swift to use for your business goals in the most urgent cases.


So, ensuring successful email marketing campaigns, you need to keep your email list only valid emails. And to clean up your list, you need a powerful email verification tool to get rid of bad, incorrect, and non-existent addresses. Both Atomic Mail Verifier & Mail Verifier Online are good for that.

With their help you won’t be wrong in your performance analysis. If you clear your database and only leave existing and correct emails there, you will see your conversion rate increase. This is why more of your newsletters are now really reaching their recipients. There is no limit to the number of email addresses in the list in Atomic Email Verifiers. So, you may check a large database of thousands of emails at once.

Second, re-sending newsletters to non-existent email addresses may look suspicious to ISPs. They will consider your mailing as spam. Especially if you have spam traps in your address list (email addresses are created specifically to identify spammers, they never subscribe to any mailings, but are often added to lists by parsers). So don’t put your reputation at risk and get rid of non-existent emails in time. Now you know how.

Try it for free. Good luck!

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Written by: Ira Byvalkevich