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Application for SMS sending from iPhone

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Recently we’ve released a free SMS-sending application for the iOS operating system. Using this application will allow you to send SMS campaigns directly from your iPhone or iPad.



Download the application to your iPhone from the App Store



You’re no longer tied to your computer! All you need in order to send SMS messages are a mobile Internet/Wi-Fi connection, and your phone.

We have tried to simplify the work with the application, without reducing its functionality. As in online service, you can send messages, work with address books, mailing lists, receive reports, view rates, and much more with the application.

Let’s stop more detail on the menu and its functions:

sms campaign

Sending SMS

Messages sending can be both bulk and single. If you need to send sms at a specific time, use the scheduler. At the specified time and date sms messages will be automatically sent.

You can add an unsubscribe link in the message body. You can also add variables—but only if they already exist, and you have added them in the online SMS-sending service. If you’re the text of your sms includes Russian letters, it can be transliterated.

Addresses books

Users can manage address books in the same way as they do in the online SMS-sending service: add books, and edit, add, and delete recipients. Also, while sending a message, you can search in the book to get the desired address.



After the message is delivered, the application provides delivery reports on delivery status, date, sent and delivered SMS, and handling costs. You can also view a detailed report for each campaign.

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Reports can be viewed for the campaigns in general and for each individually. When you open a report for particular sms campaign you are given more detailed information.


Once the user used an unsubscribe link in the message and unsubscribed from receiving mailings, telephone number automatically gets to the list of exceptions. It is impossible to remove a number from this list in this case.

You can also manually add users to this list; manually added recipients may be removed from the list.


This menu section shows the scale of charges. You can view the rates for sending messages not only according to your region, but also to every country represented in the list.

For your rates appear correctly, specify the correct region in the section of personal data in the service Member Area.


Download the application to your iPhone from the App Store




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Written by: Svetlana Zemliankina