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Brands email newsletters you have to subscribe to


I’m done with these boring email campaigns! I need something new and bright just right now. I want to surprise my subscribers, but my creativity is sleeping and idea bank is almost empty.
Sounds familiar?
In this article, we’ve created a list of the brands with the brightest email campaigns to subscribe. Enjoy and make your choice!

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Spam Filters and User: It’s time to get to know each other better

Email Spam Filters

I think it’s high time to add “importunity” to the canonical list of mortal sins of contemporary marketers. Of course, I mean spam emails — undesirable guests in your inbox, the intentions of which are not as friendly as it might have seemed for the first look. Time goes by, methods of spammers are getting […]

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Advice for effective B2B email marketing

Hey guys, Are there any B2B representatives reading this blog? Today we will talk about tips to improve email marketing for the B2B sphere. Email marketing has proved to be the most effective marketing tool out there. But depending on the quality of an email marketing strategy, it can either grow a business or destroy […]

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Freedom of Choice: the Unsubscribe Button

Unsubscribe button

Send your emails only to interested people and minimize the risk of spam complaints. For this, you need unsubscribe button and link in your emails. Today we will tell you how to add them to your newsletter. You will learn all the rules of making the unsubscribe button and link work effectively.

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Improve Your Email Marketing with Social Sharing. Infographic 2013

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know how social media and social sharing effect email marketing. We also cannot imagine an email template with no social widgets nowadays. This is not just a trend, this really works, and here are some proofs and statistics compiled in one infographic. Please enjoy!

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Email Marketing Rainbow

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Email marketing design is one of my favorite topics – this is where advertising, coding and art meet. I’ve written a lot about email formatting and even more about marketing itself, and this time I would like to provide you with more info on the niche of email marketing […]

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Mobile Email Statistics – The Rise of Mobile and Fall of Desktop

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! I wrote much about mobile email marketing before and we had some proofs and statistics on the success of mobile email platforms. Today I got latest mobile email statistics for you, including mobile opens, platform statistics and much more. Long story short, mobile email is more powerful than it […]