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On-Page SEO Rules

Friday’s ebook give away is coming. All subscribers will get it FREE. Get fresh precious ebooks every week! Stay subscribed. And now, some fresh and useful rules for everyone who’s in SEO, keen on SEO or just want to start. Enjoy! All About On Page SEO When it comes to doing business online, you will […]

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Pluses and Minuses using AdWords for Adsense

The Pros And Cons In Using AdWords To Boost Your AdSense Revenue For many webmasters, Google AdSense has become a great revenue generator. Since the program pays the webmaster every time a visitor of their website clicks on the ads that Google displays in their web pages, the same has become a truly viable and […]

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Humor: Tips of a hi-end worker!

  It’s dark when you drive to and from work. You see a good looking person and know it is a visitor. You sat at the same desk for 4 years and worked for three different companies. Your resume is on a diskette in your pocket. You learn about your layoff on CNN. Your biggest […]

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Perfect Mail-Marketing Tactics

When you’re using email to market your product or services your content should contain three basic elements: 1.It should be useful and/or informative for the reader 2.It should give something of value in terms of promotional offer on your product/services 3.It should low-sell your product/services You can create the articles yourself, using themes that match […]

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Marketing trick: Shock technics

Shock in marketing Shock is sometimes used by marketers to sell entertainment, news, and various products. In retailing it works by first getting the consumer’s attention, then the sales pitch is applied.   It may be exaggerated, gory, disgusting, and in very bad taste socially, but the technique is meant to make sales. Note the […]

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37 tips of a Real Graphic Designer!

The Real Graphic Design Rules 1. Your fonts will default to the worst possible font available on the machine you are showing your work on. 2. The less time you have the more useless your computer will become. 3. If you have two versions of a photo, the wrong one will make its way to […]

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10+4 Marketing horror-words

Statistics is the greatest human invention and the most powerful marketing tool. During my researches I’ve found top 14 most horrible words for all customers. So if you’re professional businessman – you should check it for yourself and learn them! Let’s start, my friend! 1. Price This may be one of those “unavoidable terms” and […]