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Corporate Data Security 2010 – StaffCop version 4.0 is OUT NOW!

Last Update:

StaffCop - Corporate Security and Data Loss Prevention Solution StaffCop – Corporate Security and Data Loss Prevention Solution[/caption]

StaffCop is a corporate and personal data security solution providing effective technology features that allow you to keep sensitive data safe, track time and monitor PC activities on the network. StaffCop can be used on a corporate network of any size as well as on a single individual PC. Let’s see what’s new in StaffCop 4.0!

Social Network monitoring and control added. Now it is possible to track and monitor private messages, posts and status updates in such social networks as Facebook, Twitter(for US market),, Odnoklassniki (for Russian market). Now you gain access to staffs’ communications via social networks as it is one of the most popular ways to transfer stolen sensitive corporate data.

Search Term monitoring added as a separate module. Now you are able to check what is staff searching for in such search engines as Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK (for US market), Yandex, Rambler,, Aport, BigMir (for Russian market).

The whole StaffCop’s code architecture is changed. By adding easy-to-use filters it became possible to see saved data about all actions taken by staff during longer periods of time. In new StaffCop 4.0 it is possible to search and filter all tracked information in real-time, no only in reports as it was before.

It is possible to create reports in .PDF format in new StaffCop’s Scheduler. This makes reports more organized and easier to use, i.e. printing .pdf report files is easier and faster than other format report files.

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Agent-connection errors (when too many connections were established between agents with admin panel) are fixed.

Monitoring system now works even faster! This reduced the whole system load during data harvesting and analyzing.

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