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Corporate Security 2010 – Data Loss Prevention Statistics and Trends for 2010-2011

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Corporate Security 2010 - Trends and Statistics for 2010-2011 - Next Big Threat

Corporate Security 2010 – Trends and Statistics for 2010-2011 – Next Big Threat

Hi guys! Corporate Data Security and Data Loss Prevention statistics shock us everytime we got new reports. But every shock brings us closer to the creation of the perfect DLP and corporate security solution. That’s how we are upgrading our StaffCop and Security Curator software. This time we got “2010 CDW Security Straw Poll: Data Loss Is Corporate Enemy Number One” report and here comes the digits.

The majority of medium and large businesses have dedicated IT security support in place, but nearly all see room for improvement in their business’ IT defenses

  • 83 percent say a variety of events or inputs would compel them to increase their budgets for network security and threat prevention
  • Only 17 percent say explicitly that nothing could compel their business to invest more for a higher level of security and threat prevention
  • Fully 18 percent say that only a significant breach of their systems would compel an escalation of security investment at their business
  • However, 39 percent say that an assessment of their systems pointing out real vulnerabilities would lead to additional investment

Looking ahead, data loss emerges as the number one cybersecurity challenge according to IT managers

  • Data loss from internal threats, negligence and/or accidents was rated the “next big threat” by 37 percent of respondents, revealing that human factors are the greatest challenge
  • One-fourth of respondents identified “evolved forms of current threats” as their top future challenge, suggesting they are still struggling with threats for which there are proven solutions
  • Despite high-profile news coverage of botnet attacks, botnets showed as the top concern of only 14 percent of respondents
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