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Data Loss Prevention: Million Problems – One Solution

Data Loss Statistics“The average information leak costs organizations approximately $195 per record, averaging roughly $5,800,000 per breach in total.”

“U.S. businesses are losing approximately $300 billion annually from trade secret theft.”

Do not let these statisticcs scare you – try StaffCop Data Loss Prevention Software!

StaffCop is corporate security software that allows you to monitor activities on company computers and prevent unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.

StaffCop software allows you to effectively prevent, detect, respond, monitor and review measures to reduce perceived risks of corporate data loss. IT professionals who use StaffCop can adequately monitor company resources for data breaches or prevent these breaches from occurring.

Given the prevalence of electronic communications, data in motion
(i.e., data that is traveling through and out of the network) is one of
the most significant data loss vectors to address today. For example, an
employee sends documents to a personal email address so he or she
can work from home. Or a hospital employee accidentally sends patient
information to the wrong person. A summer intern unknowingly cuts
and pastes confidential product information into a blog entry.
As the latter example shows, it’s not only outbound email that must be
addressed. There are many avenues in which confidential data or proprietary
secrets can leave an organization via the Internet:

• Email
• Webmail
• HTTP (message boards, blogs and other websites)
• Instant Messaging
• Peer-to-peer sites and sessions

Current firewall and other network security solutions do not include
data loss prevention capabilities to secure data in motion. Missing are
such important controls as content scanning, blocking of communications
containing sensitive data and encryption. While companies have attempted
to address the data loss problem through corporate policies and employee
education, without appropriate controls in place, employees can (either
through ignorance or malicious disregard) still leak confidential
company information. People make mistakes – software does not!
While data loss solutions must address the risks inherent in data at rest and
data at the end-point, given the extent to which data in motion can impact
the health and longevity of an organization, companies must begin
implementing comprehensive data loss prevention solutions specifically
to prevent employees, consultants, vendors and any other authorized user
from transmitting sensitive information outside the organization. Further,
they must embrace multiple solution layers – including email, Web,
instant messaging and more.

Data Loss Prevention: Million Problems – One Solution
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