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Email verification. What is it and how to check whether email is valid

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Email verification What is it

If you are into email marketing, then you are probably working with subscriber bases and trying to avoid bad email addresses.

An email address database is a list of recipients to whom you send emails. In other words, it is the basis of emailing, because the quality of email depends on whether it will get up into Unsorted or Spam.

To prevent your mailings from encountering Spam, it is imperative to verify email address. Read the article and find out how to check if an email is valid and why fake email lists can cause problems for your ad campaigns.

Why shouldn’t you neglect email validation?

Sending emails without verification is a waste of your budget, the risk of being blacklisted, blocking your account by providers and your tainted reputation.

If you are in doubt if you need to check your email list for relevance, here are some reasons to make sure that fake email verification is necessary.

Reason 1: the relevance of email addresses

Every year, 22.5% of email addresses lose relevance. For example, when people change jobs, and their work emails are deactivated.

If you do not regularly check the validity of email addresses, with time the Bounce Rate can grow to a critical 22%, and this is 10 times more than the acceptable level! So you will have to know how to verify email addresses later. We advise you to check your mailing list at least once a month. So you will be sure that you send emails to real email addresses and your followers receive information from you.

Reason 2: the number of hard bounces needs to be reduced

Hard bounce 一 it is when a letter is not delivered and is returned to the sender, because the recipient’s email address is invalid (non-existent). An increase in the bounce rate lowers your reputation, and you risk being blacklisted. It is better to know how to check an email, rather than suffer from the consequences later.

Reason 3: improve email deliverability

To filter out non-existent and invalid emails, use email verifier professional. This will ensure that your email list is up-to-date. This will improve deliverability and build a good reputation.

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Important: don’t buy pre-made contact lists. They usually contain a huge number of invalid addresses. Buying a database of email addresses = throwing away money and becoming a spammer. It is not too hard to discover how to get valid email list, but it saves your time and energy.

Email design example

How to check a list of email addresses for validity?

First of all, you need to know what is to verify. And when you have a mailing list, you are ready to discover how to check if emails are valid.

So that after verification the mailing list contains only valid addresses, Atomic Verifier Online has a two-step verification. It includes:

Syntax checking: email addresses for the presence of the “@” symbol and for valid characters. Validate your email address here to exclude addresses with a syntax error: vika!?, liza # Email Verifier Online — Check Email Address Validity Online

Domain checking: a connection is established to the DNS servers, and the domain name of the email addresses is requested (for example, is checked to determine if the email address exists). In other words, if no such domain exists, the email will also be invalid.

Checking the email address using the SMTP server. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server is a communication protocol or the technology behind email communication. The service tries to send an email to the server and processes the received response. Depending on the answer, the program will accurately determine the validity of the address.

To minimize the percentage of spam, email services collect information about each sender. The more emails you send, the more information they have to analyze. If the email ends up in spam, this is bad for your reputation. If the user clicked “this is not spam” 一 it is good. If your emails are opened and read, that is also a plus. Time passes, and your domain has a certain reputation.

You can manually check and identify emails with syntax errors, but there are also emails with non-existent domains. Imagine that you have to send a letter to thousands of addresses. It is unrealistic to define them manually. Save your time and money by using Atomic Verifier Online.

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Main features of Online Email Verifier

Let’s start with verifier definition. Online Email Verifier is an online platform for verifying email contacts that helps to sort out how to check email address is valid or not and even do that for you. Quickly and efficiently!

How to start verification?

1. Create an Atomic Verifier Online account. It’s easy and only takes a couple of minutes

2. Go to “Create New Task”. The functionality is located in the main menu in your personal account.

3. Enter a title and description for the task. This is to make it easier for you in the future to identify which list of addresses you were checking.

4. Download the mailing list. You can import mailing lists from local files or create a list manually by pasting the mailing list from a clipboard file.

5. Click “Confirm” and get verified email addresses. You can export verification results into a local file and get a report on the task the service processed. Look through completed tasks and choose the actions in case you want to re-start email addresses verification on remove one of the tasks.

Verification is performed according to the following parameters:

  • Syntax error check
    Checking email addresses for compliance with RFC standards;
  • MTA validation
    We run advanced checks to validate MX records;
  • Domain check
    We check the ISPs and remove all emails with invalid, inactive, parked domains;
  • Disposable emails check
    We identify temporary emails so your future emails will reach the target;
  • Role-based emails check
    We identify role-based emails so your future emails will be delivered to followers;
  • SMTP check
    Remove invalid and hard bounce email addresses from your database using an SMTP check;
  • Catch-All Domain Checker
    Our bulk email verifier can identify catch-all domains, which return valid for all emails;
  • Email Verification API
    Atomic Verifier Online API allows you to verify email addresses instantly on your platform.
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How to verify an email address with the service, and what is its main function?

Detailed statistics. When the process of verification finishes, the software provides detailed statistics for the results. The program defines valid/invalid emails and emails that have problems, such as having no MX record, unknown hostname or no answer from the hostname. So you get only valid emails to use.

valid email

Reports. Reports are generated in *.txt, *.csv, *.xls, *.pdf, *.xlsx formats. Service allows you to store two types of addresses: valid and invalid. A user can select one type of address or save both valid and invalid contacts simultaneously. The service allows you to save the generated report locally on your computer.

Now you know how to verify emails just in two steps!

How to avoid spam when sending bulk emailing?

Always check if you have real email addresses. By saving 3 minutes of time, you will spend 100% of your budget nowhere.

Don’t buy bases. Yes, fast, cheap, but ineffective. Remember, it is much more difficult and expensive to restore the reputation of a domain.

Collect the base through the subscription form and use Double-Opt-In. Thus, your list will contain a minimum of invalid emails and a maximum of your target audience.


The mailing list is the backbone of the mailing list. Its quality determines the outcome of the entire email marketing strategy. Keep your list clear to ensure that your emails reach the recipients. Use licensed software for this and forget about the existence of the “Spam” folder.

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