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How to build a profitable online store from scratch

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So, your online store has been launched, and only one thing remains to be done: to set up the sales funnel, choose the measuring tools, and send the first product to a happy customer. 

We’ve collected several ideas to help you build a store online, segment your audience & make sendings so that you can make money faster. Many of them are free; it only takes time for them to convert. Try, experiment, and be sure to find a way that works for your store best of all.


15 ways to increase your subscribers


Many marketers and online store owners are unaware of what segments can be created for and what to do with them for good in different communication channels.

39% of marketers who segment their email lists say they can get more open emails. 28% say it helps to reduce the bounce rate from email subscriptions, and another 24% say it will increase sales and profits.

Source: eMarketer 

In fact, mailing list segmentation options depend on the goals of your online store. There is no single option that suits everyone, but there are many segmentation ways to choose from acquisition to remarketing that will suit you and help you get started with your business to make money.


  • Analyze the market, competitors, target audience &  product


Before launching mailings, you need to understand the foundation of how they will be working. To do this, take a few simple analytical steps. Of course, to start a new store and then to integrate various messaging methods into your business, especially e-commerce, you need to research first the market, competition & your product. 


  • Define your online money makers


In other words, split all your store audience into several groups. Differentiate them as per their influence, profit they bring to you. Do not forget people who’ve abandoned their carts without finishing their purchases for no matter the reason. 


  • Nail up the sales funnel


To create an effective mailing system, you need to draw a funnel or customer journey for your project. In places where there is a big loss of leads, there’s a potential to grow. So, you need to think over messages to improve conversions at a particular stage. It is especially important to think over the logic of all stages in advance.


  • Define communication channels


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Naturally, the next step will be to set up an online store for promotion & choose appropriate communication channels for all your users’ groups as per your marketing goals and the funnel they’ve managed or not to pass through.


  • Define the interests


Pay attention to the purchase interest metrics (looking for a pricing page indicates more interest in a purchase than viewing a blog post, etc.) Thus, use certain content to address questions that users have when choosing a product. Users do research before making any purchase. They read product information, read reviews, and if possible, watch the product demos, etc. Each of these actions brings a person closer to buying a product, and you – to your online income.


  • Lead customers from A to Z


This means you should guide them through the stages of the funnel. Online retailers should help potential buyers go through every step of their buying decision model and only send newsletters that match their interests.

B2B marketers see email marketing as an opportunity to guide a customer through all the stages of a purchase, from finding a product to making a purchase decision to making a purchase.

So, you may take it as a backup approach in your e-commerce projects as well.


  • Adjust your website


In fact, your website is the first to start converting. By means of online forms, you may achieve great results in the shortest possible time. Place subscription buttons in messengers or a widget on the website to gather the data. Mind the shape and appearance; they should be visible, but not annoying.


  • Come up with native forms


This is a format for collecting a database, which is not specifically aimed at a user’s subscription but assumes a separate targeted action. For example, request forms, consultation, registration, cost calculation, express application, ordering, etc.

Such formats are quite effective on how to start an online shop, as they involve an important action for the client. At the same time, you need to think about a smooth transition from getting contacts to regular mailings.


  • Design welcome series 


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Design a system of automatic notifications based on customer actions & on your store sales funnel. Particular attention should be paid to transactional messages that accompany the purchase:

  • A letter with an abandoned basket (preferably serial);
  • Abandoned letter;
  • Notification that the order has been accepted;
  • Payment notification;
  • Delivery notification;
  • Letter of thanks;
  • Feedback.

Also, consider a reactivation system that will nudge inactive users into action. For example, “3 days have passed since your registration, but you still haven’t made your choice. Tell me what you might be interested in? “

Look at the bottlenecks of the funnel and motivate the client. Depending on the business and the funnel, the trigger system can consist of different chains. The main thing is to remember about the conversion and not overdo notifications. If the client is active and reacts according to the funnel, there is no need not to disturb him/her once again.


  • Extend your communication 


If you previously communicated with clients by email, let them know that now they may receive personalized messages from you via instant messengers, which is convenient for them. Simply, build online stores so that to attach buttons for a subscription or a link in the body of the letter. Likewise, you can send links to subscriptions in messengers using SMS. Use the contacts of those users who have previously written to you in messengers & so on so forth.


  • Use instant messengers separately


If you have a database of customer phone numbers, you may send those messages directly to WhatsApp, Viber, etc. This may be arranged using mailing services, such as Atomic Mail Sender Also, these services will help you collect a database of SMS contacts in instant messengers as a separate communication channel.


  • Apply targeted ads


Getting paid to shop, convert subscribers to messengers from the e-mail database or phone numbers of your customers using targeted advertising on Facebook, etc. To include a link to the messenger, upload the e-mail database to the advertising account to make changes & track the success of your campaigns.


  • Use some assistance


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When you have a subscriber base, you may find out in which of the messengers the user is most active in, to send notifications in this particular channel. How to understand which messenger your client is using more often? Or how to parse new lists for cold mailing experiments? To do this, use special research & parsing services. It helps to analyze and understand which messenger it is better to send a message to & refresh the mail lists and so much more.


  • Use UTM 


Always apply UTM to your message links in order to track the progress. It will also help to optimize your analytics if working with Google Analytics or similar systems for web analysis & deep insights on how to make money from e-commerce out of all digital activities incorporated into your marketing mix.


  • Pick top mailers


Finally, for making send-outs of any type: mails, SMS, or instant messengers + push notifications, the main thing is to choose an optimal mailing platform. In the case, you haven’t chosen one yet, Atomic Mail Sender will be a universal solution all-in-one. 


Every business representative should definitely try messaging in messengers in order to reach as many target audiences as possible. That’s also how to build an online store – pick the most progressive messaging channels and tools. Moreover, the bulk of e-commerce customers are probably present in at least one of them. The competition in messengers is now minimal. So, that’s your lucky time to hit.

Do not forget to make your communication with customers even more convenient and productive with the help of reliable mail solutions. Good luck!

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Written by: Ira Byvalkevich