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How to make money with emails: Guide for beginners

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Have you thought that you may easily get paid for sending emails? In fact, most Internet entrepreneurs get the lion’s share of their earnings from highly effective email newsletters. Let’s see how they achieve success thanks to powerful email campaigns.

Types of mailings

Let’s start with the basics. Effective interaction with the audience is easily achieved through emailing picked depending on your marketing goals. That is where various types of mailings come in handy. 

You may send different types of mailings to the same male list. That’s why you should know several types of mailings before you launch any of your campaigns.  For example, you may send custom birthday greetings, automated email threads, or personalized emails for special people on occasions like a new product launch, feature update, or a big deal, etc. each of these belongs to different mailing types, however.

Also, familiarize yourself with Mailing Laws & Regulations to keep in mind before the campaign launch.

Sales mails  

Selling something to a reader is one of the ways to make money using professional bulk emails. A mailing list in which something is hidden or explicitly sold is called a sales one. No matter cold or warm, sales letters are sent most often. The main purpose of such mailing is to directly sell a product or service. Or at least to have an attempt to establish the content with the same intention.


mail sample

Informative mails

Informative or educational newsletters are often called useful content. Newsletter / content emails don’t sell anything; they provide useful information to the readers and are a part of a daily/monthly inbound communication strategy with subscribers.

For example, a newsletter with new articles from your blog is a newsletter. This also includes newsletters about the agreement changes, the opening of new branches, hiring opportunities, etc. The main purpose of the newsletter is to convey useful information to the reader.


sample mails


Automated mailing

The automatic mailing includes not only the automatic registration on your site, but also more complex regular series of letters like transactional, technical, etc. For example, you may create a chain of letters in a specific sequence that will be sent after subscribing. A chain may contain 3-5-7, or even more than 30 letters. That depends on the complexity of your communication pipe. Since it’s a long way, to automate the mailing is the key purpose here.




Triggered letters

A mailing list sent to a user based on certain scenario (set of triggers) is called a trigger mailing list. For example, after registering on your website, a welcome letter is sent, where you introduce your products/service to a new user. Here the trigger is registration on the website. Next – purchasing your product/service demo, etc.

Almost any event or user action may serve as a trigger. So, the purpose is to send a pre-made letter when a certain action occurs, to interact with the reader logically. For example, you may launch triggers for supporting or stimulating the reader to stay active and thus, making money with advertising online.


triggered mail

Personalized emails

This is an individually set up personalized mailing where you address the recipient by name. Here you send the most relevant letter for the reader. For example, a letter on a specific date:  an individual birthday discount or a special gift for a wedding anniversary, etc.

In the tourism sector, polls can be carried out in advance, and then, based on the answers, such individual mailings are sent to the winners. You may also send customized suggestions based on the reader’s preferences and so much more. 

Provide the readers with the most relevant information targeted at each exclusively.


trigger mail


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Effective ways to make money on emails

We’re through with the basic email types. Now we may consider the ways of email monetization.

To monetize your subscriber base, you may either combine several methods or focus on the one which best serves your marketing goals at the moment.  Most importantly, mind that the ultimate goal of any newsletter is to be useful to the reader; monetization is something which never comes first. Here we go:

  • Partnership programs

The first way of making money from advertising is to include affiliate links into your email. This means that you will recommend to the reader a service that will share the income with you from the sales of a service/product if the person makes a purchase.

You may send the readers either directly to the affiliate website or to your own project, where affiliate tools are built-in for the maximum convenience. 

Here’s how it may look like directly in the email:



For example, you publish on your website a detailed article on choosing insurance for a trip abroad, where you post the tools of one of your travel insurance partners. Next, you announce this material in your email database, additionally indicating that you always choose certain services, in the letter. And you leave an affiliate link there. 

Not every affiliate program may allow direct traffic from the mailing lists. Be sure to study the allowed types of traffic, and, if necessary, match traffic from your mailing list.

As a result, you get links to useful material on your website, where there are partner tools, as well as direct links to buying your services. You may add several affiliate links to your mailing list so that your offer will fit a larger number of readers. This way you increase the coverage.

  • Ads

You may sell advertising space from your emails in a couple of ways to find potential leads:  offer the space inside the letter, or the right to make send-outs on a whole mailing list on your behalf.

In the second case, we are talking about sending letters for money. Another person or company uses your base, and in some cases your name and reputation, for their mailing list. This is not always a bad thing, but you should approach this as carefully as possible and remember how much time you spent collecting trusted subscribers.


email ads

How to earn money through email marketing like that? There is no golden rule when it is time to sell a mailing list for placing ads, but in a broad meaning, you may focus on the following indicators:

  • When you have a list of at least 10,000 subscribers;
  • When you reach the Open Rate (OR) not less than 20%.

If you work in a very narrow niche where it is impossible or very hard to gain 10,000 subscribers, then a potential advertiser may be interested in a smaller number of subscribers. So, less than 10,000 subscribers will also be fine.

You may also place your products and services alongside the third-party advertisements in one email. How to attract an advertiser via specialized advertising catalogs:

  • Get enlisted by providing positive statistics;
  • Wait for the advertiser’s request;
  • Agree on placement;
  • Add their ads;
  • Get paid.

Both you & your advertiser should get access to ads analytics to see detailed statistics – how many emails were sent, how many were open, how many clicks were made, etc. You get access to a large database of advertising buyers, as well as a guarantee that your deal will be safe. So, do they.

  • Content 

One of the additional ways of how to make money with online marketing may be your information products: e-books, manuals, whitepapers, digital brochures or a video course, etc.

For example, an email with a clear CTA button aimed to boost the reader to load the content:


When you have something extremely useful to share, you may monetize your expertise. If your website has more than 100 useful educational articles, then by putting them together in the right sequence, you may create an incredible e-book that will help the reader understand certain area and guide through difficulties, etc. This may help them skyrocket their business or have any other practical use depending on your content topic. 

How to organize a newsletter effectively

To organize the mailing, you need to decide on the following:

  • Setting campaign goals;
  • Choosing a newsletter topic;
  • Collecting a subscriber base (if you haven’t one);
  • Content compilation;
  • Design of mailing letters;
  • Scenarios of interaction with subscribers;
  • Mail list monetizing;
  • Mailing tools to use;
  • Analytics & gathering data results.

Also, read on Mailing List Quality Research to form your database correctly. 

To organize correct email for beginners, it is important not only to choose a certain topic, but also stick to it. Do not confuse or mislead your readers by catchy titles or hooky subject lines. If they don’t get what’s promised – you’ll get into spam or worse. For example, if you have started the “Travel Secrets” mailing list, then be sure to share useful travel tips. 

Discover How to Build Your Mailing List asap if you have not done it yet and need to create one from scratch.

When you’ve prepared your mailing list, you may use any suitable mailing service to launch your campaigns. Here, we use Atomic Software product line to automate any email work and measure results for future campaigns. Atomic Email Studio may become a great mailing solution for beginners, to optimize their work from A to Z.


Why email marketing makes money and how to measure success if any? The email list may be the engine of all businesses on the Internet. And the level of income for many entrepreneurs depends on how well they work with it. All you have is your customers, indeed. They are the most valuable resource. By means of inbound send outs you gain, retain or even acquire new clients over and over again if applied thoughtfully. How much money you can make with email marketing directly depends on that. 

Always remember the main thing – the newsletter should be useful for its recipient. The whole process is built around this, earnings from email newsletters should come after the benefits for the reader. Good luck!

Written by: Ira Byvalkevich