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How to write cold outreach email

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To change the idea of making up cold-call emails for the better, it is important to discover in detail how to write such emails for outreach campaigns and raise not only your open rate but also improve your replay rate statistics. Let’s begin. 

What are outreach emails?

Cold email marketing is the process of getting in touch with people via letters. In content marketing, the goal is basically to promote an offer or a piece of content, to request a back link, or to attempt to start a partnership/collaboration with a chosen influencer.

The fact is that even if you looked through tons of cold calling by email collections of creative letters, added jokes and memes, a valuable offer to the texts, thought over the topic, and objectively did everything to make it perfect – this does not mean that the letter will receive any return.

That’s why remember this mantra:

Outreach emails are not only about super-cool letters. This is all about the time and conditions of sending, the chosen ICP, and the tool for automating and warming up your base.

Also, mind the major criteria for great writing: relevance, personalization, and creativity.

How to write cold emails

Back to the criteria for great prospect emails: relevance, personalization, and creativity. So, to begin with the letters, discover the three criteria for outreach cold writing that will convert: 

  • relevance, 
  • personalization, 
  • and creativity. 

If you, for example, handle the third point but screw up on the first two, the letter still will not work. 

In addition, there are technical failures, due to which the letter can simply fly into spam. Here are the main reasons for low or no open and replay rates:

  • Cold marketing email was sent to the wrong leads: incorrectly defined ideal customer profile (ICP) or badly segmented one;
  • Sent at the wrong moment – your letter is simply irrelevant;
  • The mail was not warmed up – the letters flew into spam;
  • Poor email deliverability (possibly the fault of the email campaign automation tool);

And finally, you are biased in evaluating your letters, which also happens. So, anyways, carefully study how to write cold emails & pass them over to wording, designing, and measurement, when all’s clear.

Cold outreach email that converts: top 5 tips

  • Select potential leads

The success of marketing depends on who you send letters to. Emailing to anyone you can is not a good idea, as it is ineffective and a direct road to spam.

If you have time, your best bet is to build your own prospect lists. When you are listing candidates, find something in common between them. Even small common interests will increase the chance that cold outreach emails will not get lost in their mailbox.

  • Segment your audience

Good writing starts with a detailed study of the client, looking for any kind of insights. What all emails have in common is relevance and on-point delivery in the eyes of the recipients.

No matter if you use a cold contact list for your mailings. There is still some potential that may be split into groups as per their interest, demography, etc. Segment them and then create individually personalized offers to send out and get maximum potentials from them.

  • Take care of the structure and content of the letter

When composing your message, pay attention to the 5 key factors:

  • Sender name

People communicate with people. Recipients are more likely to open your good cold call emails if you introduce yourself by your name rather than your company name.

  • Subject

It depends on the subject of the letter whether it will be opened or whether it will be deleted/sent to the “Spam” folder. The ultimate length is about 35-50 characters. This is the optimal subject line length. Not too short, not too long.

The best option when the topic consists of 2-6 words. Plus, most recipients check emails from their smartphones, where long topics are cut off.

  • Clarity

Don’t write long letters that describe who you are and what your company is, etc. Give your company description in one sentence as a cold email introduction and briefly describe who you are looking for and why/what you’re offering. 

  • Personalization

Address the leads by their names. For this, you may verify bulk emails online free first. This affects the open rate of emails and ensures a positive outcome.

  • Spam

Don’t write stop words in the subject line like “make money”, “incredible career opportunity,” “Sales,” etc. You may read more about how not to get into spam because of stop-words.

  • Call to action

In offers, it is very important to get the person to take action. You need to tell what to do if he/she is interested in what you offer, leave contacts for communication, etc.

For example: “I would like to discuss the further details of cooperation in a telephone conversation or in person. Let me know if you are interested.”

  1. Proofread the letter before sending it

It is very important that the text is free of grammatical errors, water, clichés, etc. Check the text for unnecessary words, exclude stop words. 

Using the right words in cold emails is a science. A good template is always achieved by numerous tests, and the result will depend on the tactics chosen, etc. Letters with a laconic offer or with an exclusive benefit can show very different results.

5 Personalize your mails

This does not mean that you need to mention the recipient’s name directly in the subject line, although this is also possible in some cases. The coolest option is a hooking question or the beginning of a sentence.

When addressing people, it is important to understand what group they belong to. If your cold call via email is for a representative of the older generation, it is reasonable to stay formal. If not – then you may pick a more casual manner. Pay attention to addressing the person by name anyway.

Here’s one of the great cold call emails examples for HR:


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Hello, (Name)!

My name is (Name), I represent the company (Company Name), we are engaged in (industry).

Our company is looking for a (job title) to work in (city/state). We are looking for a specialist who will strengthen the team, suggest new solutions, and generate new ideas.

After reviewing your profile, I noticed that you’d worked as (candidate role) at (company). Your experience and skills in performing tasks (list of tasks) are fully relevant to the tasks of our team for (position wanted). I suggest you consider our vacancy (link to the vacancy), & a wage (a sum in brutto).

I would be happy to talk to you personally, answer your questions and tell you more about our vacancy. If you are interested in an offer, let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you & have a nice day!

(HR name & position)


(e-mail/social media buttons)

All the best! (Company name/logo)


Always add links to your corporate or personal social media accounts. Links to LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram increase the replay rate, and mentioning your nicknames in the telegram gives you an alternative messenger for prompt communication with your leads.

Top cold email marketing checklist

So, here’s a checklist for writing a cold email in short. Before writing letters:

  • Compile detailed ICPs, segment leads.
  • Collect contact information.
  • Apply an email tracker to fill in your lists.
  • Study the profiles of recipients.
  • Use tips for writing.
  • Create mails.
  • Track triggers in real-time.

Only after that, you may effectively proceed to launch your letter campaigns.

Cold email conversion rate

Average response rates of 15-25% may be achieved by well-targeted cold emails as per recent research.

If you correctly submit the text of the letter using all the recommendations mentioned above, you will receive a fiery response rate. If you run the text according to the ready-made templates from the Internet, then they may cause irritation rather than a desire to communicate with you. It’s better to personally approach each recipient or group of recipients and make up mails for them.

Send follow-ups after the first mail.

An outreach campaign is not based on a single letter. This is always 3+ emails/messages, depending on the product and the specific case, etc.

Without follow-ups, your campaign will not bring the expected cold email conversion rate results: if the first and only email was not answered (forgotten / not fully interesting / something else), contact with the lead ends there. 

Consider that by sending a follow-up, you are caring about the lead and his/her time. Like, okay, my friend, I wrote to you once again to just make sure you’ve seen the previous message. I just wanted to make sure you read it.

This way, you give yourself a second, third, or fourth chance to interest the lead and convey the positive result of your offer.

Some impressive statistics: one single follow-up can increase the replay rate by 65.8%.

Here’s a powerful follow-up mail sample with a 65% reply rate:

cold mail

Source: Lemlist

Cold call via email best practices

To improve your skills on how to send cold emails and succeed, feel free to look through the best mailing practices you can only find. Look up what your competitors do, discover some useful samples from your favorite inspirational sources, or purchase some professional email marketing research, audit, or consulting if you can afford it. 

Where to look for ideas for headers and body letters? Where to get cool templates? Here are some sources of inspiration from us:

  • Buzzsumo is a great service for those who work with content. Here you may find and view statistics for trending topics and keywords in any niche. See what works and get ideas for future articles.
  • Your own base. Maintain a library of cool letters – made screens, saved, painted statistics, comments, etc. A great way to track your results and improve them in future campaigns.
  • Text generators are artificial intelligence tools that analyze content on the web and literally generate the text you want, from the headers and content of emails to full-length articles.
  • Use whois email scraper or similar instruments to extend our potential.
  • Consultations and insights from professional outreach workers & influencers.

Sky’s the limit!

Use  the best cold emailing software

And of course, apply top-notch mailing technologies to make your life easier. Remember that effective outreach is not only about super-cool letters. This is about the time and conditions for sending, the chosen ICP, the tool for automating and warming up mail.

First, subscribe to bulk email sender. And apply the three key criteria for a cold letter that will convert: relevancy, personalization, and creativity.

Remember these tips, write down your content, apply the best cold emailing software, test and explode your open and response rates with our help.

Written by: Ira Byvalkevich