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Influencers: Who are they and how to make them useful for business

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Who are these people & how they may affect your business? In fact, these people are a key to leveraging their potential to promote your online business & achieve great results. Let’s see who is a micro influencer & where to use their power to the fullest.

Discover who they are, how to work with them and where to look for them by studying our post.

Who are they?

Who is an influencer?  Generation next of Internet users, users who have their nails in chosen spheres and are able to set their digital trends. They are also trend advocates who may advertise a wide range of products, manage brand reputation. They are called so simply because may affect the choices decisions of average end-users.

So, you may resort to search for immediate help from these marketing adepts who may be extremely useful for growing your projects.

Who is an influencer in marketing?

There are users who may be quite popular personalities (popular bloggers, product owners, reviewers and other professionals who are extremely active in social networks).
They have a large and, importantly, homogeneous loyal audience. Therefore, the loyalty of customers attracted by opinion leaders is almost 40% higher than that of users who came to the website through CPC advertising or SMM.

You should understand that they are not stars in the conventional meaning. Working with an influencer in digital marketing differs. Bloggers should not be confused with public people from a different area like movie, sports or business stars, although such celebrities also enter into advertising contracts. 

They dwell on quite peculiar topics like nutrition or healthy lifestyles, sports, make-up, cars, making money from home, etc. The list of topics is extensive.

Types of influencers

They may be the best classified according to the actual number of their subscribers. They are also called followers. Logically, the more followers they have – the greater influence they produce on product, brand or anything else. So, here they are:

Nano influencers 

These bloggers may boast only up to 5000 followers. Your brand advertising on such blogs has the lowest cost, but a small reach, as well. Though, it may be quite a niche promotion. These influencers may be negotiated to publish on a barter basis. Earlier it was more likely to organize barters. Nowadays, you will probably pay up, but cheaper. It is advisable to attract nano influencers to advertise specific niche products, as well as for local marketing.

Nano influencers are good at what they do because they are well versed in their subject matter. It’s a narrow area of knowledge, they recommend products or services sincerely, based on real personal experience. The result is not always associated with success due to the small audience. 

Micro influencers

Such bloggers may have 100,000 subscribers or more. They are the top marketing solution. These people offer average prices, provide a stable influx of new users, and high coverage.
The blog audience here may have about 100,000-1,000,000 followers. The prices may be higher in comparison to the previous group. The effectiveness of the campaign will be better, as well.

Macro influencers 

We are talking about those bloggers who managed to create a whole population of users of one or more million followers. Share in social networks does not exceed 1-1.5%. This is the most expensive segment. For business advertising, you will have to pay a six-figure sum. Who is a social media influencer – millionaire? That’s definitely a macro influencer.

On average, during campaigns, you may order publications on behalf of your brand, advertising posts from a mix of popular users with a small and medium audience, which will help to achieve good results and minimize the risks.

And here’s a classification offered by Forbes:

  • Celebrities

They also have a massive audience and may be called  macro influencers. What makes these influencers famous is not the content on the pages they produce or publish, but rather their personal popularity. For example:

kim social

Kim Kardashian has 225 million followers on her Instagram account

  • Journalists

Massive amounts of content and regular publishing of fresh news, reviews make them highly effective. They get lots of traffic via their content. More often, such people are closely associated with the mass media – paper journals, journalists & media personas, etc. Publications, TV programs, authors, and editors are also among them. For example:

ellen page
TV presenter Ellen Lee DeGeneres and her followers

  • Industry Experts

Here, size doesn’t matter. The main thing is their expert opinion in the chosen area. They are tech-savvy gurus with a highly engaged following. Their insight, guidance, or expertise are really valuable and much sought after. An influencer blogger who positions himself as an industry expert is closely related to his profession and is not tied to one source of publications. For example:


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google ceo page

That’s how an IT industry expert Tweeter may look like

Being a present Google CEO, Sundar Pichai often uses his social media to deal with his industry-related issues.

  • Analysts

It may be a representative of the financial exchange department, a  news speaker with market forecasts, an IT analyst, etc. But the main role is played by the company the blogger actually represents. He/she is an advocate of the brand or corporate values. Steve Jobs was a great example of a marketing analyst within his own brand – Apple. If he was a blogger nowadays, he would surely be extremely popular. 

Thought leadership for an analyst influencer is built through delivering on a persona of a trusted mentor or consultant with specialized knowledge from an inside source. – Forbes.

That also may be the role and the definition of analysts.

For example, Jordan Novet is an IBM analyst and publishes a corresponding content accordingly:

analyst page

a Tweet from an IBM analyst 

 Bloggers vs. Influencers

A lot of people may confuse opinion leaders or influencers with regular bloggers. There’s a clear difference between them, so don’t mess up.

Bloggers are people who have a lot of followers on one of their social networks. They may not have a specific profile topic, though. A simple life story & a storytelling ー here’s how they convey their messages via their social networks.

Influencers may also be bloggers and there are a lot of opinion leaders among people who blog nowadays. However, they may not necessarily have a million followers, but they set trends in any area they work with. For example, a marketer, nutritionist, editor, chef, politician. They may specialize in one topic or another and only highlight those points they advertise among them.

In a nutshell, not all bloggers are paid for promotion simply because they are not influencers. To get the label, they need to have real influence.

Where to find influencers & and how to choose them?

While choosing a promising figure for your digital marketing, it is better to take into account the specification. It should relate to what your business is all about. An audience is formed on the basis of the topic, so the followers of a blogger talking about UX/UI are unlikely to be interested in automotive or beauty products, etc. Each blog is a microenvironment followed by strict rules.

The strategy is usually focused on posting every day, drawing content plans, & tracking statistics.  That’s basically an influencer strategy in marketing. The promotion of a good blog resembles the same of an online store, therefore it requires financial investments. 

The main income of influencers is formed from the profit received from marketing activities. Bloggers may act as organizers of contests, place advertising posts, take part in promotional photoshoots, etc.  They basically lead a fairly active public lifestyle on the networks. 

You may search in several places:

  • On Google;
  • On rate lists;
  • From the analysis of channels used by competing companies;
  • Using hashtags that lead you popular pages;
  • On the platforms that help the owner of the online business and bloggers find each other, etc.

The advantage of proven collaboration platforms is that the customer immediately sees the number of subscribers, their target audience, and the costs of their services. All accounts and pages are checked, which excludes artificial cheating and other types of fraud.

When choosing opinion leaders, it is necessary to mind the following criteria:

  • The number of subscribers. 
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Advertising on blogs with a multimillion audience is more expensive than posts on pages that are followed by 10,000-20,000 people at least. Therefore, you should first estimate the marketing budget;

  • Blog aesthetics. 

Blog and business topics should relate – this is the main rule that determines the success of a launched campaign. However, it is worth paying attention to the registration of the account, the reputation of the blogger, and the formats that he/she uses on a regular basis; their domain history/reputation also counts.

  • Page activity & audience.

If every post has a lot of likes and comments, then the page is alive and active. Be sure to look at the profiles of their followers to make sure there are real people behind them. It is easy to define bot profiles because they do not contain posts, but maybe stuffed with an avatar & description;

  • Ads density. 

It is better to refuse to cooperate with the influencer if there are too many ads on the page. The followers are used to marketing posts and will ignore such content.

Some bloggers may independently create advertising posts; provide them with personal experience or storytelling elements. This approach makes the content more native. This will ensure an increase in the number of hits. Another important plus of the post from the blogger is that the author’s style, tone of voice which is familiar to the followers, will be used. This altogether will make your promotions native to the page they’re translated from.

Why collaborate with the influencers checklist

Reaching out to opinion readers or an influencer marketing in b2b will help you solve a number of problems for your business or projects:

  • provide good advertising for an old or new online platform;
  • increase your brand awareness on the Internet;
  • attract new customers, as well as increase average price check, which depends on the characteristics and goals of the launched campaign;
  • launch a powerful word of mouth that will work for you in the future.

Before you contact someone, mind that earlier bloggers were ready to cooperate on a barter basis, accepting payments in the form of goods or services from your business. Or they may ask for minor payouts, or an opportunity to be promoted via your channels in turn to increase sales.

Today the situation has changed. For an advertising publication on the blog of a popular person, you will have to pay real money. The more followers a blogger has, the higher the cost of marketing will be. However, investments return, as thousands of users will learn about your online store in a few minutes, which will more likely bring new orders. 

Influencers publish their posts every day, come up with creatives and content plans, and track statistics of their progress. The main income of influencers is formed out of the profit received from various marketing activities they launch using their hot social accounts


Influencers may turn out to be a good solution for advertising your online business, which requires serious financial investments. For small and medium-sized businesses, micro- or medium-sized influencers are a priority; for online stores with a large budget for ads, macro bloggers are just perfect.

After launching the campaign, it is worth tracking results: the number of promo codes applied, interaction with the advertising post (comments, likes, reposts, clicks on), video viewing depth, etc. The main rule of success is choosing a blogger with a suitable topic, live audience, and a page that is not spammed with ads. Go ahead! 

Written by: Ira Byvalkevich