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StaffCop – New Age Data Loss Prevention Solution or “Why StaffCop?”

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Data Loss Causes

Data Loss Causes

You may think it’s unnecessary to use StaffCop or any other Data Loss Prevention Solution, but did you know that:
• 1 in 400 emails contains confidential information
• 1 in 50 network files contains confidential data
• 4 out of 5 companies have lost confidential data when a laptop was lost
• 1 in 2 USB drives contains confidential information
• The average cost of a single data breach is $14 million
• Companies that incur a data breach experience a significant increase in customer turnover—as much as 11%
• Laws in over 35 states, in addition to several federal mandates, require organizations to protect confidential information.

Preventing confidential data from being transmitted outside your organization first requires comprehensive monitoring of multiple exit and endpoints. Email is only part of the problem. Research shows that 50 percent of incidents occur via Internet protocols other than email, such as instant messaging or blogs. Yet some content monitoring solutions only screen email, leaving other Internet protocols uncovered. Storage devices such as USB drives, CD/DVDs and iPods® also provide easily accessible endpoints to which confidential data can be copied. In addition, it’s not enough simply to monitor security violations; the key is to prevent sensitive data from being transmitted by blocking it, in effect closing the door before the proverbial horse is out of the barn.
StaffCop effectively reduces your risk of data loss across all business processes and combines comprehensive monitoring with prevention. It accurately monitors and prevents security violations for all data types and all network protocols, including email (SMTP), instant messaging (AOL, MSN, Yahoo), secure Web (HTTP over SSL), FTP, P2P, and generic TCP sessions over any port. StaffCop as an effective Data Loss Prevention solution also discovers and tracks confidential data stored on laptops and desktops and prioritize high risk endpoints for additional protection, and monitors and prevents confidential data from being copied to USB, burnt to CD/DVD, downloaded to local drives, attached to network transmissions, or encrypted or concealed using high risk applications.

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In addition, be sure StaffCop can stop transmissions that violate security, acceptable use, and privacy policies before they leave the network. Some organizations elect to begin with monitoring, then take the next step to prevention. However, even if your plan is to phase in prevention capabilities over time, StaffCop offers both monitoring and prevention today, giving you the flexibility to expand according to your timeline, not the vendor’s timeline.

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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.