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Staying Away from Spam Filters in 2013

SpamHey guys,

Hope you’re doing great! Many of my readers and our clients ask about how to stay away from spam filters and how to prepare good-looking and legit email messages. I had few antispam-related articles before, and this time I want to remind you of anti-spam email copy-writing and design techniques. Please enjoy!

Test it for spam by yourself!
Many of services and email software have built-in spam checkers. Just run your email copy through it and see your score. Reduce the amount of spam signals and your delivery rate will increase. Both Atomic Mail Sender and Atomic Email Service have spam-checkers.

Make sure that subject line = content
Well, misleading subject lines are probably one of the worst mistakes you can make. Make sure your subject line is extremely related to a subject line.

Special characters in a subject line are real signals for a spam filters. Make sure your subject line looks clear and informative, and don’t use all kinds of -==TEXT==-, or $$TEXT$$, etc.

Watch your tongue
Basic spam-filter triggers are keyword-oriented, this means spam-filters check your message and especially subject line for more spam-related keywords. Avoid using pharmacy, finance, work-from-home, sale-related words. Use more neutral language and let it sound clear.

Valuable content
How do you think is your content valuable and interesting? If not, then fix this as quick as possible, because there is a high possibility for such content to be reported as spam, and this is the straight way to the spam folders and blacklists. Try to provide your users with the most relevant content you have, so they forget about unsubscribing and spam-reporting.

Trust and respect
Gain your recipients’ respect and trust. Ask them to add you to the whitelist, allow images from you and add you to contacts. This is the best honor you can get, besides sales of course.

Choose wisely!
When you are using mail services make sure their IPs and SMTPs are whitelisted and trusted, also make sure they follow CAN-SPAM act rules. When you are using email software don’t buy SMTPs on forums and try to avoid sending large amounts of emails through free email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Register IPs you send from
Ask your email marketing service to provide you with their sending IP addresses and register them as your own. Where do you do this?

KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid
Make your HTML look simple, and don’t overdo it. Keep it like less than 50% of the message. Spam filters don’t trust complex HTML messages and will no always let it drop into recipients’ inbox folders.

Make sure all your links look correct. And all your images have proper links, titles and alt-texts. Always link to a http:// domains, not an IP-address-domains.

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