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    Top Mobile Email Design Techniques, plus Statistics

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing well! Sorry for such a delay with this article, it’s all because the Mail Conference I visited on Tuesday-Wednesday on a ferry from Tallinn to Stockholm. Today I would like to provide you with the mobile email client statistics and top mobile email design techniques. 1.    Send in MIME Multipart Format. Your emails are sent in both HTML and plain text formats, so for mobile devices that can’t read HTML – plain text will appear just like you want it to. 2.    Keep subject lines to 15 or fewer characters. Mobile devices often […]

    Top 9 Mobile Email Marketing Techniques – Reach Mobile Users with Your Email Newsletter

    Hi guys! Hope you’re doing really well! I would like to discuss some basic Mobile Email Marketing techniques with you. Nowadays mobile email marketing is growing extremely fast, it went up 35% last year  in the United States – and now we have a chance to expand our email marketing campaigns to a growing quantity of a smart-phone users. Most of you are profs at creating a perfect message for your email marketing campaigns, and all I want to show now is few techniques that will help you to reach mobile users with your email newsletter. There are few differences […]

    Top 10 Mobile Marketing Trends 2011 – One More Billion, Ten More Trends

    The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has published Top Ten Mobile Marketing Trends to expect in 2011, also Mobile Marketing Association predicts the global growth of mobile advertising market – from $13 billion in 2010 to $14 billion in 2011, and what’s the most interesting aspect of this growth – it’s expected in Asia Pacific region, North America and Europe only. The best thing about these top 10 mobile marketing trends is that we can participate in mobile marketing evolution and not just sit and wait for these trends to come 100% true. Please enjoy!

    Mobile Email Marketing 2011 – Tips, Tricks and 5 Best Practices

    Hi friends, Hope you’re doing well! Year 2011 is coming. What will it bring? Seasons are changing, markets are changing – and we need to prepare some special techniques to remain stable and successful in 2011. Let’s talk about Mobile Marketing, not SMS/MMS/BlueTooth, but just mobile market and mobile email marketing this time. 50% of Americans will have Smartphones by December 2011.

    Mobile and SMS Marketing 2010: History, Software, Tactics, Tips

    Mobile marketing was redefined in 2009 – literally. In November, the Mobile Marketing Association updated the definition to “a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.” Describing mobile marketing as a set of practices reflects how it has changed in 2009 and where it is headed in 2010. To understand, it helps to consider the following few trends.

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