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The Importance of Protecting Proprietary Corporate Data

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Staffcop - to serve and protect!

Staffcop – to serve and protect!

Corporate data security is an important issue for any company regardless of the size. The nature and focus of corporate data security has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Most current businesses use digital technologies, high performance computers, e-commerce solutions, wireless devices and other technology innovations in effort to perform more efficiently.

In spite of a wide range of IT solutions available for businesses, there have been new threats to systems and data integrity with security breaches being reported regularly. The focus of corporate technology strategies is changing to include the new ways of doing business so the IT budgets of security departments and agencies inevitably have to grow. In fact, billions of dollars are spent each year on corporate network security solutions intended to prevent and fight hacker attacks. However, there are some important facts most people do not realize.

  • Statistically over 80% of security breaches are caused by insiders – most often employees.
  • More than 20% of attacks on the corporate Web sites come from the inside!
  • Almost 30% of companies experience more than 5 attacks from the inside per year.

Typically, the goal of intruders is to obtain any valuable information including databases, research statistics, and sales reports, marketing statistics, HR records and other sensitive proprietary or personal data. The information can be sold and or unlawfully used by the perpetrators. Once information is located and duplicated, there are two ways to “carry” it outside of the network. The first option is to transfer it via the Internet. The second option is copy it to any physical media such as CDs or external drives including ZIPs, USB drives or something similar.

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The standard Windows-based access control solutions do not allow the assignment of permissions for data transfer to floppy drives, CD-ROMs and other removable devices or network connections on a per user basis.

Additionally, the USB and FireWire ports are open by default to any compatible device to download hundreds of megabytes of proprietary information.

There are two common approaches to solve the unauthorized data transfer issue. The first method is to turn off the Internet access, and remove all devices that can be used to transfer information. This approach may be difficult and/or impractical for the majority of companies. The alternative is in effective and affordable software solutions. There are a few good solutions on the market right now, and only two or three in our opinion deserve attention.

A device-lock-type of program could be effective, however when external ports and devices are blocked the entire IT activity of the organization may be blocked as well. With that type of solution in place the employees may sense that the management shows extra caution and as a result cause additional interest.

There is a new corporate data security solution called StaffCop Software© that barely has any competitors on the market.

StaffCop is corporate data security software that allows you to monitor activities on company computers and prevent unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information. StaffCop is a feature-rich solution that allows you to significantly increase corporate information security. A combination of the following features makes it essential for monitoring of complex network environments.

*  Screenshot recording

* Application monitoring

* E-mail correspondence monitoring

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* Web site monitoring

* Keystroke recording

* File and folder tracking

* Chats/IM activity recording

* USB device monitoring

* User log recording

* PC activities reporting

* Stealth mode installation and monitoring

* Alert notifications

StaffCop can be used on a corporate network of any size as well as on a single individual PC. You will benefit using StaffCop if you are one of the following:


* Corporate Security Manager

* HR Manager

* System Administrator

* Home User

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