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Top 5 tips how to create a limited time offer

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You know that limited time offers and promotions are one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. As soon as the consumer sees some kind of restriction, he/she immediately wants to jump on the train of sales and get something that no one else will ever have. Use this for good in your marketing campaigns.

Limited time offers put any marketing campaign on steroids. (The Daily Egg)

5 tips to boost your sales via limited-offers

When marketing agency HubSpot A / B tested the control page and the limited-time offer page, the latter received 8% more responses. (Hub Spot)

Nevertheless, if you’re going to fully apply this tool, remember that it is not enough to tell your audience that the offer is limited. It is also necessary to captivate the audience with awesome creatives so that folks may amicably say “I take it!”

Use these 5 ways to improve your promotional offers and make a profit from your campaigns right away:


Draw attention to the new experience the buyer will have. Make it an exclusive. People always want new experiences and emotions. That is why a marketing strategy that uses the economy of new experience in its development is more successful. In fact, 78% of millennials are willing to spend their money on a new experience or experience rather than a product.

Millennials are called the generation of people born after 1981.

But even if your brand falls into their products category, you may still attract more different customers by focusing on the new experiences your product will provide to anyone who seeks such.

The right way to do it in email:

Email example 50% off

A clear limited discount with the code provided for immediate usage.

Here you may see the fusion of numbers and propositions all-in-one which may be rather confusing & frustration to the buyer:

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Email example black friday sale

50 to 60% off – how much is that for sure? Extra 20% on the top? – You still wonder: God, why is it so complicated ? So, don’t make your client guess.

Here’s a good example of a limited time offer sent via SMS:

Email example black friday 60% off

No more, no less. All key information provided in a single message with an on point limited offer.

Set a time limit

Limit your offer in time. When a person sees an offer with a limited duration, it looks like “Take it now or never!” Unfortunately, in most cases these restrictions are rather vague. Without a clear timeline, your audience might think that your offer will be available tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and next week when they come back to your site, etc. The problem is the whole point of time-limited offers is to get people to act quickly with a CLEAR CTA button.

Thus, to influence the consumers draw their attention to the soonest promotion expiry.

For example: ends Friday midnight, last day, today only, order right now, call now, etc. These phrases make a higher level of urgency, which forces your audience to act right now without even thinking.

There is very little time left! Don’t you feel the need to buy this right now?

Countdown timer intensifies the limited-offers. It also plays much to increase desires – this technique works great when there are only a few hours left until the end of the promotion.

Let’s take a look at a not-so-good example:

Email example activate 40 percents off

The images above advertise discounts. They’re great, no doubt. However, there is no clear deadline for the proposal. What’s soon? The buyer has a natural question: the promotion has already ended, how long is that soon, etc? The situation is saved by the fact that when switching to the offer itself, the store put down the terms of the promotions. And that’s not good UX anyway.

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Use a powerful CTA

“Call right now!” is a truly sales-driven call to action. This works well, but what if we know that you could create even more buzz by drawing attention to the benefits via your powerful CTAs?

Good example:

Ask yourself what your audience will get by responding to your offer, and then tell them this:

  • Get 50% off now,
  • sign up & get the discount,
  • order now and get it on Friday, etc.

Bad example:

Email example 40% off everything

Not quite sure where that button is. See details? That quite complicates the customer’s journey, indeed. So, avoid such mysteriousness in your offer CTAs.

A call to action should be useful by telling customers that they will receive fast delivery and the opportunity to have this product right now. This increases the value of the proposal, and when combined with the urgent deadline, it forces people to act quickly. Like this one:

Email example five steps KPI

Here the CTA button is dubbed not to let the user escape the funnel.

Get straight to the point

Keeping your proposal simple and straightforward is still recommended. Your proposal should emphasize the most important points that will get your audience to act, especially in a limited space which means an advantage & a deadline:

It’s time to act fast like this:

Email example one-day sale

In this case, there is no need to create an overly complex offer or try to put all the marketing material all-in-one. An excess of information and numbers distracts people, it is difficult for them to decide which of all the diversity should pay attention to. When the offer includes “this, this & that, or that…” the customer is quite at a loss. Don’t confuse your audience with vague propositions.

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Sure, they want to make a purchase, but they don’t really need to jump through hoops or try to understand your system, whatsoever. Start by developing a simple offer, and then put it down in the simplest terms. Do it well, and then people will be able to take advantage of your offer without much effort.

Stay honest

In order for people to take the action you need, they must trust you and your proposal altogether. This email sample is more than clear:

Email example 50% off

If you say your offer expires at midnight, it should expire at midnight. Otherwise, next time your audience won’t act as quickly as you need because they’ll expect the offer to last longer. Or won’t even understand the deadline because it’s vague. This is why honesty is still important in advertising: you shouldn’t use false claims in time-limited offers to create a sense of urgency for your customers.


Time-limited promotions are a smart marketing tool. People will make a purchase knowing that there will be no such advantageous offer next time.

Remember that it’s not just limited time that will allow you to increase sales. How you write your ad will also affect your success rate. Use the tips above to create the perfect limited-time promotional offers that will convince customers to act as quickly as you need. Good luck!

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Written by: Ira Byvalkevich