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Triggered Emails to Generate Business Revenue Without Human Intervention

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Triggered Emails

Have you ever left a product in the cart and received an email soon after that to remind you to make the purchase (like this one)?


That’s exactly what triggered emails are all about. They are sent automatically in response to an action taken by the subscriber or a behavior exhibited by them.

Advantages of triggered emails

  1. First of all, let’s talk about the statistical advantage of triggered emails.
    Triggered emails boast of a 38.03% open rate and 6.76% click-through rate. They have a low unsubscribe and spam rate as they are well-aligned with the user’s preferences.
  2. Behavior-based emails bring in a higher conversion rate as they are relevant to the customer’s journey. For example: Cart abandonment emails can help to seize lost profits and increase revenue to a considerable extent.
  3. Triggered emails work as a guide for customers to take the next action as they have the most timely calls-to-action. It will, in turn, increase customer satisfaction and boost brand loyalty.
  4. These emails present cross-promotion opportunities and allow the marketers to recommend other products that the customer might be interested in. Ultimately, it will contribute to better customer retention.

Triggered Emails

Step-by-step Guide to Set Up Triggered Emails

  1. In your website API, you will be able to find all the customer data, including their previous interactions and purchases. Integrate these details into your ESP API.
  2. Put the trigger events in place so that you can send the right email according to the customer’s behavior.
  3. In order to set the optimum email sending frequency, you must set the marketing pressure rules.
  4. Marketers who are planning multi-step campaigns should define suitable rules in line with the trigger events.
  5. The last step is to integrate the emails in your ESP and then schedule it for deployment.
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Types of Triggered Emails

  1. Welcome Emails

    As soon as subscribers submit the sign up form with their email address and other personal details, they will receive a welcome email. These emails will set the tone for all the future communications. Most of the brands prefer to send a series of welcome emails as it helps to increase open rates and conversions.

  2. Browse Abandonment Emails

    According to a study, browse abandonment emails can generate a 124% increase in open rates. Through these emails, you can retarget a visitor who left your website after browsing for a product or service. As a best practice, you must highlight the features and benefits of the browsed products. In addition, also share the most popular and best selling products to brighten the chance of conversion. The same principles apply to cart abandonment emails too.

  3. Transactional Emails

    Your subscribers eagerly wait for purchase-triggered transactional emails. That explains why order confirmation emails see an open rate of 60%. Take this opportunity to share relevant products that would entice the user to make another purchase. Such repeat purchases go a long way in driving profit and faster business growth.

  4. Re-engagement emails

    It is a big deal to lose a customer and therefore, re-engagement emails form an indispensable part of any triggered email strategy. With the help of this email series, you can win back your dormant leads and encourage them to avail of your services yet again. Send personalized offers based on their interests and preferences. If they still do not engage with you, allow them to unsubscribe and remove them from your list.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for more details on the topic, head to the infographic created by Email Uplers: TRIGGERED EMAILS: The Ultimate Weapon to Help You Win the Email Game.
As a bonus, there is an ebook too with email examples to inspire you.

Triggered Emails

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