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Why do you need interactive email

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Emails are one of the most extreme lead generation and retention tools. Despite this, many high-quality email campaigns show only 20% openings and the click-through rate is no higher than 5%. How to fix that? One of the ways to preserve the effectiveness of your campaigns is interactive mailings.

Why should you send interactive emails?

The practice shows that games, tests, various contests, gifs added to the email templates instead of traditional pictures or photos and more useful links may improve performance up to 10 times. 

Among the most wanted benefits of such email newsletters are the following: 

  • Your content seems engaging;
  • You get a greater subscriber engagement; 
  • Better segmentation allowed; 
  • May serve as an effective call to action; 

 According to research by Oracle, emails show 50% click-through rates and 80% subscriptions. That is, half of them respond to an appeal with some kind of action, and four out of 5 subscribers, seeing an interesting poll or game next to the registration form, provide their data more willingly. 

85% of conversion occurs when customers interact with a brand inside its content creatives, and are the most likely to make a purchase. 

Thus, generally, the mailing expertise shows that such mailings may also improve your overall KPIs. For example: 

The wine company Raptor Ridge launched an interactive mailing list with a questionnaire and received a result of about 22.5% of openings and answers to their questions. Further, 8 more interactive campaigns were carried out. The most effective mailing list had 55% of openings and responses! Awesome, right? Interactive newsletters with dynamic content also help:

Shrink the funnel

Instead of going to the site and surfing on the promo page to the desired section, your customers may put the product in the cart directly from the letter.

Increase engagement

Interactive elements and polls invite the recipients to interact with the letter. They click on buttons and pictures to get involved in the content more willingly and do it with pleasure.

Attract more attention

 Interactive letters are still a new thing. They have not yet become boring and have not become something familiar. Anything new and unusual attracts attention, and most of all those who launch a new feature earlier than others will get profit.

Maintain current information

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Having implemented integration with the website, you can load product data directly into the letter. For example, you send a customer a selection of products that might interest them, with prices and availability. If you use AMP components, the information in the letter will change following the information on the website. If some product becomes more expensive or runs out, this will be reflected in the letter via pop-ups, banner, disclaimers or any other interactive element, etc.

Save customers’ time

The ability to perform actions without leaving your mail saves time. For example, you set up a notification on the website of a ticket agency — as soon as a presale opens for the desired show or concert, customers will receive a letter. With dynamic content letters, they may fill out everything inside without going anywhere.

Use more options for content design

AMP is not only about the data exchange, but also adds visual dynamic content – sliders, galleries, etc. All these help to set visual accents and arrange content more compactly, and fit more on fewer screens.

You should at least try interactive mails to raise engagement, attract attention, and then — boost conversion. All this becomes possible thanks to the new interactive email elements & examples, AMP4Email technology for creating interactive mailings with dynamic content, and so on. 

So, prior to your campaign launch, look up how it works, how it may be used in your newsletters, and what needs to be done to make everything work out. 

Interactive Email elements & examples

What to post in interactive email newsletters so that to get visible results?

  • Infographics

Interactive schemes or infographics are the first to try.

Thus, genuine store UncommonGoods used an interactive scheme to encourage customers to enjoy their product while promoting new products at the same time. Who minds passing a test? 

email sample

  • Videos

The next good thing was done by Sephora. Sephora perfume & cosmetics chain provided interactive video tutorials on makeup. When watching a video, each subscriber may choose a product of his favorite brand, color and method of application and so much more. Live & learn:



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Only during the month of this interactively designed regular mailings, Sephora gained 3,200 new subscribers, and the number of video views was raised up to 15,262,060.

  • Carousel/sliders

The B&Q household chain of stores was sending out letters with an interactive carousel. They used puzzles and games at the same time in advertising for summer vacation products. This increased the interest and engagement of the audience several times. Have a look:

bq sample


As the result, the click-through rate of mailings increased by 82% after using this technology.

  • Animation/GIFs

Pret, a brand that specializes in making various organic smoothies and frappes, decided to be one of the first to develop animations for interactive letters. And they did it. The animation is something more advanced than ordinary gifs we all know and like. Users could see the animation both on PCs and on mobile devices which was a huge success.


The developer of the letter noted that after the first mailing, the interest in their products increased several times.

  • Polls & surveys

They are the best way to get feedback while promoting your brand on the go.

 REI outdoor retailer offered interactive activities to their subscribers. Just check this out:



The users were required to choose their role in the campaign. Meanwhile, they also got some staff offered no matter their results. The chosen role helped the company to provide the most suitable product for the buyer. The company’s email newsletter openings increased by 62% after the addition of a quiz to the website and sent over emails accordingly.

How to send interactive emails with Atomic software

Plan, design, send any kind of personalized & animated messages using the Mail Sender program in no time. It allows creating any type of template; include dynamic content, variables, and so much more. 

Subscribe & download the chosen software. Open a field for letter design & start working.


You may design HTML emails. Create bright sliders of your products with a wide variety of free templates, etc.

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Add any elements you need to the template before you launch the newsletter.


To launch send-outs, you press Send.

The program delivers letters to each addressee at no additional cost, even with personalized interactive content. 

The newslettering platform works in multithreaded, which provides a high speed of messaging. Create engaging letters for a number of addresses that are not limited. You may download 50,000, 100,000 or more than 200,000 contacts; 

Even with a slow connection, you may send out hundreds of emails in just a minute. And connecting an SMTP server ensures independence from the provider and complete security of mailings. 


That’s why you need dynamic content for your emails! Interactive mails are a powerful tool for driving a customer through the product funnel. Use the brightest ideas for future interactive emails provided to make the most of their potential by keeping your subscribers focused on your products. Supply your work with great mailing software to achieve great results faster.


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Written by: Ira Byvalkevich