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Your Virtual Manual to Email Design Best Practices


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Statista has revealed that 306.4 billion emails were sent and received every day in the year 2020. This figure is believed to touch 361.6 billion in the year 2024.

These figures go to show that email will continue to be a promising marketing channel despite the mushrooming of several other social media platforms. However, they also pose the problem of plenty for email marketers.

As your subscribers are inundated with too many emails every day, it is obvious that they would not have enough time to read every email. Therefore, most of them just skim and scan through the emails.

To make sure that such recipients understand what your email is all about, it is imperative to send out a well-designed email that follows all the email design best practices.

Here are some of the tips that you must follow while designing every email.

Organize your email properly

The key to designing an impressive email is to focus on the subscriber experience and organize it well.

The ideal template dimensions are:

  • Width of the template: 600-800px
  • Height of the template: Upto 3500px
  • Height of the headline: Upto 300px

It is advisable to include all the essential details in the top 350px. Follow all the visual hierarchy principles and design the emails in an inverted pyramid pattern.

Take a look at this email by Invision.

Example of email

Draw out your email copy in such a way that it is readable

As important as it is to have a personalized and interesting copy, how you present it is equally important.

  • You must use bullet points, separators, and white spaces to divide the content into readable chunks.
  • Stick to web-safe fonts from the Serif and Sans-serif font family. While using fancy fonts, do not forget to add an appropriate fallback.
  • Choose contrasting typography and font color that is readable in the background.
  • Take a look at the screenshot below to understand better.
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Email design example

Adhere to all the accessibility best practices

You must aim for maximum accessibility while designing your emails.

Some of the accessibility tips are mentioned below:

  • Take the help of headers so that screen readers can easily understand the hierarchy.
  • Refrain from aligning your email copy in the center, as people with dyslexia will not be able to read it.
  • As 5% of the world population is color blind, you must be very careful while using the colors and contrast in your email.
  • Keep the size of the CTA button at 44×44 px and the CTA copy at 16 px or more. Not doing so might make the CTA difficult to click through.
  • A suitable Alt-text is a must for all visuals to ensure that the subscribers using screen readers are able to understand what your images are all about.

Have a responsive email design

Your subscribers are mostly accessing emails on mobile devices. Therefore, it is inevitable to design responsive emails that render well, regardless of the email clients or devices used.

Go for a single column layout for all your emails. The title font size should be around 22 px or more. The copy line width must be up to 6 words with font size 12-14 px. The optimum line spacing is about 1.5 times the font size.

Over to you…

If you are looking for more detailed insights into email design best practices, head to the interactive infographic created by the design geeks at Email Uplers: Email Design Best Practices – The Key to Enhanced Email Engagement.

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Email Design Best Practices - Email Uplers

Source: Email Design Best Practices – Email Uplers

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Written by: Kevin George

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