Integration with your project using our gateways (API, SMTP)

When developing our products we do not limit their implementation area by our company and our Atomic products only. We provide our clients with the opportunity to integrate Atomic product into their projects (by using our API and SMTP). The process of integration is quite simple and accessible, and the effectiveness of using Internet marketing has been proved by facts and users.

Maintaining a mutually beneficial partnership with our clients, we offer a free connection to our sms gateway, a purchase of our partner SMTP or other ways of integration.

What are the benefits of such kind of integration?

First off, it provides the maximum capacity and guarantees the message or notification delivery into inbox.

Second, a user-friendly and convenient interface of all the Atomic products automates and eases the process of creating and sending newsletters, and collecting the campaign statistics.

Third, the available usage conditions provide a beneficial cooperation and help to save clients' time and money.