Email Crawler Overview

    Atomic Email Hunter is an email crawler that crawls websites for email addresses and user names in a convenient and automatic way. Gathered emails are stored in a separate file, so you get a list of target email addresses.

    With our email crawling software email addresses are found in a fully automated mode — just specify necessary keywords or URLs and start searching. The video below shows Atomic Email Hunter at work.


    How Email Crawling Software Works

    Atomic Email Hunter navigates websites a simple search engine, scans them for any contact information and extracts email addresses and user names if any. The search query is submitted as a keyword or valid URL (entered in the search bar), and one of 42 available search engines is chosen for scanning websites.


    Main Features of Email Address Crawler

    As our program performs fast and relevant email extraction, there is a large number of specific features to make your search faster and more targeted:

    • Get emails from one or several websites based on keyphrase (a lot of email crawling tools don't support this search type) and ignore hidden emails.
    • Select necessary search results according to the filter rules or skip poor domains.
    • Specify depth level and paths limits.
    • Set up working in multi-threaded mode and proxy support for faster email search.

    An email address crawler is a simple tool that requires Internet connection and very few computer resources. In addition, it can search for emails in background mode, so when you launch the program, your email search starts and you don't have to worry about anything until it's finished.

    Unlike other email crawlers, Atomic Email Hunter does not require the installation of any additional software. Please note that email crawling software must support proxy servers for better search results and fast web-surfing. Atomic Email Hunter fully supports working with proxies and can automatically detect a better one. With a proxy-compatible crawler email search is much more safe and you have a better chance to get as many emails as you need without being banned by websites.

    No Email address crawler guarantees that gathered emails are valid. We recommend verifying the list of addresses you have collected to make ensure in email validity. If you need bulk email software keep in mind Atomic Mail Sender in mind, or have a look at Atomic Email Studio - a full studio of email marketing software containing 9 programs in 1 interface.


    Got Questions?

    Our email crawler is much more than meets the eye, so if you want to get a deeper understanding of all the features, our support team is ready to answer all your questions. Besides, if you think that something doesn't quite work the way it should, we will be thankful for any feedback that can allow us to further improve the performance of our software.

    In the meantime, you can discover a lot more about our products by visting the support page

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