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  • Proxy server support
  • Detailed statistics
  • Spam check
  • Unsubscribe wizard
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How can Atomic Email Blaster help you to reach the inbox

Want to use all the benefits of email marketing, to prevent your emails being marked as spam? Dream about the inbox? Let’s make it true!

Read how to use the advantages of Atomic Mail Sender to avoid spam.

What is email blasts

Sending email blasts is a process of sending a single email message to a large group of recipients.

Such campaigns are powerful marketing tool for those who can use it correctly.

Due to cases of illegal use, this products and service promotion instrument sometimes associates with the spam. But there is a huge difference between high-quality email marketing and simple spam sending.

If you use this tool in accordance with the existing rules, using the advices of professionals, then with the minimum effort you will get the maximum effect.

But first, your emails need to get into the recipient's Inbox.

So, find out how to do it using special Atomic Email Sender features.

Check content on spam before start email blast sending

The most common mistakes people let sending blast emails?

  • using links to irrelevant resources
  • spam-words in a subject, subheadings, body text, images ALTs
  • mistakes in a text,
  • using CapsLk, etc.

Check them before starting the campaign using special tools.

Atomic Email Blaster has integrated features for a content analysis like SpamAssassin and Email analysis. Use these tools when finishing the work with an email content and before start sending.

  • Click “Spam Check” on the toolbar and wait for the result. SpamAssassin filter analyses the content of the email on the parameters we’ve listed before. The lower score you get, the higher chances of your email get into the inbox folder.

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  • Find in the Service menu “Email analysis”, read the issue results and improve the content:

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Manage an email list using tools integrated into email blast software

We all know the importance of the timely email list cleaning. Here are some of the email list management features.

  • Remove inactive subscribers. Inactive users are more likely to report marketing email as spam.
  • Clean duplicates.
  • Filter suspicious emails.

All these you can find clicking “Recipients” on the menu bar. Then choose the tool you need:

  • Unsubscribe,
  • Find duplicates,
  • Filter suspicious,
  • Add to blacklist or delete.
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+Advice: Why you should avoid using attachments sending blast emails

The fact that attachments in email increase the risk of marking your campaign as spam is not new. But let’s find out all the answers why adding attachments to the blast email campaign is a bad idea.

  • Sending such emails takes much time, especially if it’s 1k and more recipients.
  • It’s an unwanted traffic for the receivers: maybe they do not want to download the content you send, or they have limited mailbox space.
  • Security issue. Users consider email attachments as a risk of infecting your computer, phone with malware.
  • Servers like Yahoo may automatically put the mail server sending emails with attachments on a blacklist.

If you need to send people some files better use weblinks. Download the content into the cloud storage service (for example, MediaFire or Dropbox) and share it among subscribers via the link.

Here is how you can insert any link into the text of the message using Atomic Mail Sender:

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If we start talking about the web-links don’t forget to insert unsubscribe one into your newsletter.

And use Link Checker to analyze all the URLs you put in the email.

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Of course, the above tools are not a panacea, but they will help you to notice what you might have missed in the process of preparing the company, to correct errors.