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  • Detailed statistics
  • Spam check
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Atomic Mail Sender Upgrades History


Copyright (c) 2001-2014. All rights reserved


[+] New feature
[*] Bug-fix or change
[-] Deleted feature

version 9.44 (March, 25, 2019)
[+] added new function - delete incorrect addresses in the Address book
[*] incorrect addresses in Address book highlighted red color now

version 9.43 (January, 08, 2019)
[+] Blacklist: added feature to block sending by a mask
[+] SSL libraries updated
[+] Added the ability to embed a link to Instagram
[*] Bounce Analyzer:
1. Original messages are no longer saved;
2. Only the last 100 checks are saved in the connection log;
3. User tags have disappeared from checked messages
[*] Link Check:
1. Fixed error when opening;
2. Some http links were considered invalid
[*] Fixed minor bugs

version 9.42 (September, 14, 2018)

[*] Bug when adding account into Bounce Analyzer fixed
[+] Create and send a bug report to the customer support when software registration issues take place

version 9.41 (July, 05, 2017)

[+] Advertising panels
[*] Notifications about the delivery, reading or importance of sent email messages were removed
[*] Pre-defined SMTP servers were added

version 9.40 (March, 31, 2017)

[*] Google Sheets email list import and export
[*] Bug when deleting a column fixed

version 9.37 (December, 13, 2016)

[*] Delivery Report saving for large email lists fixed
[*] Blacklist Export for large email lists fixed
[+] Address book export added
[+] The progress for the long time Address book operations has been displayed
[+] Quick Address book clearing
[*] Bugs when email list is importing to the Address book fixed

version 9.36 (September, 06, 2016)

[+] Using pictograms in the subject and message body
[+] Automatic detection of settings for SMTP,POP, IMAP servers based on user email
[+] Support of IDN SMTP servers
[+] Support of non-ASCII username and SMTP password
[*] The delivery reports master has been redisigned

version 9.35 (July, 07, 2016)

[*] Compatibility (editor, messages preview, templates preview) with all versions of IE
[*] Import contacts from MS Outlook and MS Windows Contacts
[*] The absence of X-Mailer in the email
[*] Display a few random pictures in the email
[*] Display spintext in the email
[*] Substitution an incorrect address of the tracker server
[*] Bug with freezing when mailing list is importing fixed
[*] Ability to Save HTML with images
[*] Incorrect HELO setting fixed
[*] Freezing when emails are sent with random pictures

version 9.30 (April, 11, 2016)

[*] Mailing list was optimized for better work with large email lists
[*] Large email lists import to Black list was optimized
[*] Email message Analyzer error was fixed
[*] Improved the preparation speed of sending email message with many images
[+] Responsive email templates support (if Internet Explorer 11 is installed)
[+] Open Office files import to the mailing list was added
[+] New spring email templates were added (English only)

version 9.20 (November, 11, 2015)

[+] Integration with SendPulse SMTP was added
[+] Default messages were added
[+] Latvian localization was added
[+] The choice of the SMTP server while test message sending was added
[*] Calculation of messages size with attached files was fixed
[*] Sending of SMTP log to technical support was improved
[*] Minor errors were fixed
[-] SMTP checker was deleted

version 9.12 (September, 03, 2015)

[*] minor errores were fixed

version 9.11 (July, 27, 2015)

[*] the error that occured in Unsubscribe wizard while check on POP3 with no encryption is fixed
[*] now, when you add addresses to mailing list spaces for Unicode table are cropped

version 9.10 (July, 21, 2015)

[+] a new program activation was created
[+] new templates were added
[*] formation of headers while using random lists is fixed
[*] the error with Big5 encoding in Bounce Analyzer and Unsubscribe Wizard was fixed

version 9.05 (June, 01, 2015)

[*] updated email templates

version 9.04 (February, 23, 2015)

[*] The error, that occurred while calling Spam test, was fixed.
[*] The error in plain text structure with attachments was fixed.
[*] The error, that occurred while calling Proxy Checker, was fixed.
[*] The error, that occurred while removal of the whole list of SMTP servers was fixed.
[*] The error while sending a message was fixed.
[+] Atomic SMTP was changed by SendPulse SMTP.

version 9.01 (December, 4, 2014)

[+] Proxy checker. The settings window was added.
[+]Now you can enter diacritic characters (with right Alt), such as - ą ś ó ł ż ź ć ń and similar.
[*]The bug that occurred during SSL connection in Windows 8 is fixed.
[*] Bounce Analyzer. The bug connected with email processing is fixed.
[*]Bounce Analyzer. IMAP4. The processing of big email boxes has been improved.
[+]Bounce Analyzer. Journal connection. Statistics were added.
[*] The bug that occurred while removing servers from the list after SMTP Checker is fixed.
[*] The bug connected with random images is fixed.
[*] Image editor. Unknown file format bug is fixed.
[*] Table editor. An error that occurred when merging cells is fixed.
[*] Unsubscribe wizard. An error that occurred during connection is fixed.
[*] Image editor has been improved.

version 9.00 (October, 30, 2014)

[+] Proxy server check was added
[+] Link check was added
[+] Analysis of the created email message was added
[+] Built-in image editor was added
[+] “Save as HTML with images” function was added
[+] “Blacklist” function was added
[*] Review mailings history function was renewed
[*] The SMTP servers import/export function was modified
[+] Delivery error description was added
[+] A random pause in the SMTP settings was added
[*] Link personalization was modified
[*] The default text in a test email message was changed
[+] Google+ was added to a list of social links
[*] Proxy list was improved
[+] Preheader, subscription source information and the email address blocks are possible to insert to a letter now
[+] The SMTP account check was improved. The ability to test separate servers is added
[*] The option “Read receipt” in the email message properties was fixed

version 8.69 (July, 23, 2014)

[*] the bug that occurred during links formation for Google Analytics fixed
[*] data export improved

version 8.68 (May, 14, 2014)

[*] a mistake that occurred during additional headings adding is fixed
[*] to make changes in the campaigns' tracking is forbidden now
[+] while campaign's statistics sending to the server you can view the window with the log (if there was a mistake)

version 8.66 (March, 4, 2014)

[+] new templates are added

version 8.65 (February, 04, 2014)

[+] predefined servers settings are changed according to the mail servers' recommendations

version 8.64 (January, 28, 2014)

[+] templates for Valentine's Day are added

version 8.63 (January, 27, 2014)

[*] Spam Test calling error
[*] in the settings: incorrect definition of additional headers if they do not fit in one line
[*] header "Replay-to" couldn't be inserted into a letter in some cases
[*] sending stopped spontaneously with certain settings<
[+] a detailed description is issued when error message occurs while preparing to sending

version 8.62 (December, 30, 2013)

[+] Christmas templates are added
[*] duplication of data after the list opening is fixed
[+] computer shutdown after the distribution completion
[*] emails with initial symbol "-" are valid now

version 8.59 (September, 27, 2013)

[+] Afrikaans language is available
[+] improved SMTP server customization
[*] SMTP Wizard text corrected

version 8.58 (July, 17, 2013)

[+] support for sending emails to the addresses of international domain names (Unicode symbols are available)
[+] Hebrew language is available

version 8.57 (June, 17, 2013)

[+] program log has been added
[+] Serbian language is available
[+] password request before sending through AtomSMTP (if password is not specified)
[+] PLAIN authentication for SMTP
[+] activation when updating
[+] activation when running if the key was entered during installation
[*] fixed bug when sending directly
[*] fixed bug when import mailing list with symbols ; , " ' ><
[*] fixed a visual bug when scaling SMTP Wizard
[*] fixed a visual bug when scaling test-sending dialog window
[*] edited the saving of SMTP server priority
[*] edited the loading of the key from the Register into the registration form

version 8.56 (April, 21, 2013)

[*] character encodings can be changed in settings
[*] new error messages from Atomic SMTP
[+] secure connection for non-standard ports

version 8.55 (April, 9, 2013)

[+] increased mailing speed
[*] new error messages from recommended SMTP servers
[*] attempt to pause sending sometimes did not work

version 8.50 (March, 6, 2013)

[+] Bounce Analyzer for removing non-deliverable emails from the lists
[+] Random image insertion for better email inboxing (emails will have different size)
[+] SMTP checker

version 8.30 (January, 23, 2013)

[+] integration with Atomic SMTP
[*] delivery reports include SMTP and proxy addresses
[*] fixed errror when edding a preset SMTP
[*] "access is denied" error when adding a Youtube code into the message body

version 8.20 (July, 26, 2012)

[*] support for CSV files exported from Gmail
[+] Ukrainian localization

version 8.19 (July, 24, 2012)

[*] spin text support optimized
[+] Polish localization

version 8.16 (July, 16, 2012)

[+] standard spin text support
[+] Hungarian localization
[*] bounce email processing improved
[*] link for tracking with Atomic Email Tracker fixed

version 8.11 (April, 10, 2012)

[*] proxy rotation error fixed
[*] domain throttle function extended

version 8.10 (April, 3, 2012)

[+] filter for suspicious and invalid email addresses
[+] removal of bounces, unsubscribes and invalid domains (Unified SMTP)
[+] removal of emails of those who unsubscribed by email
[+] removal of unsubscribed recipients and adding new subscribers who used a webform integrated with Atomic Mail Sender. Download the scripts from

[*] proxy validity checks at the time of mailing
[*] SMTP Wizard used to ignore SMTP servers that were added to the SMTP list earlier
[*] interface errors fixed
[*] localization errors fixed
[*] Greek and Hungarian localizations updated

version 8.00 (March 22, 2012)
[+] free SMTP relay trial from our partner SMTP providers
[+] SMTP Wizard that makes software setup much easier
[+] adding unsubscribe link in two clicks, remove bounces and unsubscribed users automatically by connecting to POP3 server
[+] adding Facebook and Twitter buttons into messages
[+] integration with Google Analytics
[+] support for spinned text
[+] spam check with SpamAssassin
[+] Portuguese translation

[*] proxy rotation fixed
[*] mailing list import from Outlook 2007 and 2010 fixed
[*] mailing list import from MS Access 2007 and 2010 fixed
[*] fixes for interface and localization errors

version 7.20 (June 21, 2011)
[*] "Doesn't support AUTH or the specified SASL handlers" bug has been fixed
[*] E-mail message sending bug has been fixed
[+] Default text for new e-mail message has been added
[+] Internet Explorer 9 compatibility for message editor has been added

version 7.12 (May 26, 2011)
[+] Program starts playing music after e-mail broadcasting finishes in Windows 7
[*] Links in a message body now work correctly while Atomic Email Tracker is running
[*] Some minor bugs were fixed

version 7.11 (December 21, 2010)
[+] Mass SMTP-servers selection function was added
[+] Import SMTP-servers option was extended
[*] SMTP sending (on port 465) error was fixed

version 7.10 (November 25, 2010)
[*] "Index out of bounds" error while sending a plain text message
[*] Minor localization bugs
[*] Import of files with names in quotes (e.g. "James "Brown"" -> James "Brown") is now possible
[*] "Range check error" bug when tracking is on
[*] Encoding message problems

version 7.06 (October 20, 2010)
[+] SMTP server reorder function
[+] Option sending cc (carbon copy) through "Options/General Preferences/Headers"
[*] Import mailing list bug

version 7.00 (June 23, 2010)
[+] New send engine
[+] More email speed limit options
[+] New unsubscribe option
[+] Program resumes sending after crash or closing
[+] New search options in Recipients window
[+] Built-in settings and speed limitation of popular SMTP servers
[+] New feature of sending messages to selected email addresses without editing the mailing list
[+] Getting notifications if mailing list changes
[*] Plain text message editing bug has been fixed
[*] Proxy rotation bug has been fixed
[*] Now progress bar works correctly in sending monitor
[*] Copy SMTP Connection Report with Ctrl+C
[*] Atomic Email Tracker statistics update bug has been fixed
[*] Message templates are displayed correctly in all e-mail clients

version 5.15 (January 25, 2010)
[+] Windows 7 and Vista support
[+] New html-code editor with text search and replacement possibility
[*] Scheduler unit usage has been simplified
[*] Many minor interface bugs have been fixed
[*] SSL/TLS support bug has been fixed
[*] Project file opening with Explorer bug has been fixed
[*] The followin bug has been fixed - if the letter subject and attachment file names exceeded 50 symbols they were cut
[*] Import and export SMTP options bug has been fixed
[*] Columns exchange bug has been fixed
[*] Report file localization bug has been fixed
[*] Program activation bug has been fixed

version 5.10 (July 22, 2009)
[*] Error in opening newsletter delivery reports has been fixed
[*] Minor interface bugs have been fixed
[*] Some errors with editing the proxy servers list

version 5.08 (April 9, 2009)
[*] Minor bugs were fixed

version 5.07 (March 19, 2009) and
version 5.05 (February 13, 2009):
[*] Some trivial bugs were fixed

version 5.00 (December 31, 2008):
[+] SSL/TLS support for e-mail authentication
[+] HTML Editor now allows to align text by the width of the page
[+] New options for tables: background color, border color
[+] More e-mail delivery option, for example, you can specify pause and speed for each SMTP server
[*] Catastrophic failure for some HTML messages is now fixed
[*] Program crashes at the end of e-mail delivery do not occur now
[*] E-mail background now is sent correctly for HTML e-mail
[*] New HTML editor, better compatibility with most popular e-mail programs
[*] All errors with proxy server support are fixed now
[*] MDB files are opened correctly now

version 4.27 (July 9, 2008):
A very serious bug with program crashing has been fixed
More stable version

version 4.25 (April 9, 2007):
An Unsubscribe feature bug has been fixed

version 4.20 (November 13, 2007):
Importing e-mail addresses from OE Address Book
A new feature to use alternative HTML charsets for e-mail
Case-insensitive mode of Atomic Unsubscriber
Rotating SMTP servers if currently used SMTP server does not respond
More reports about SMTP errors during mail sending
Import/export SMTP servers and Proxy servers list
Syntax check of host name for Common Settings / SMTP
A new feature to paste/load a list with multiple e-mail addresses in a line
A bug with deleting bounced e-mail addresses was fixed
Unicode mailing list support
Random text/word strog bug with non-English characters was fixed
in Scheduler it's possible to set alternative mailing list and to see the log
Dynamic attachments - each recipient may have its own unique file
Some mail merging bugs were fixed
Drag-and-drop option to attach files from Windows Explorer
Drag-and-drop option to load mailing lists
Problems with saving alternative text part were fixed
Checking the e-mail address syntax before sending mail
Error in Outlook Read Receipt was fixed
AUTH PLAIN authentication method
Some small errors with loading multi-field mailing lists
New option to not generate TO name
When Atomic Mail Sender makes a new attempt to deliver, it now reports about it

version 4.14 (August 24, 2007):
Serious bug wiht loosing SMTP and Proxy settings has been fixed
F4 key to access Common Settings
More then one copy of Atomic Mail Sender can be launched
Automatical checking for upgrades on program start
Tooltips for Common Settings controls
MRU lists for smtp/pop servers in Common Settings
In "External SMTP only" type HELO value is not verified anymore

version 4.10 (April 14, 2007):
Bug in maintaining attached files while editing a message
Error in loading emails tracking status aftre the program crash
Reports generation works much faster now
Automatically configure Windows Firewall to allow AMS connect Internet
More changes in test message sending, not is provides more reports
Full support of Windows Vista
New button in main toolbar now offers to use templates
Change the user interface to native Windows Vista style
Captions for main icons in main toolbar
Many improvements in UI
Many changes in editing program settings
E-mail merging macroses synchronize with the recipients list automatically
Very serious bug with newsletter tracking was fixed (empty links)
Some errors in Welcome Screen have been fixed
Message Priority now is marked with the color and icon in Message Properties
When AMS restores after crash, it restores email merging data as well
Errors in loading lists with 2+ headers in some formats fixed
High / Low status was mixed in some cases. Now it's fixed
Show proxy server type in Settings
Bug with reading SMTP headers was fixed
Feature to send mail to all from test message window
Clear old logs in test message sending more convenient
Many UI changes in Recipients List editor
MRU list in Recipients list now a list of links, not classic list anymore
Save and restore path to folder with projects
Save and restore path to folder with mailing lists
Better temporary logs deleting when closing the program
Bugs in showing logs in some cases
Cells in table now have attribute valign=top
Default table width is 100%
No alerts about large messages, when mail sent from Scheduler

version 4.02:
Bugs in test message sending were fixed

version 4.01:
Some bugs in typing non-Latin chars were fixed
Bug with merging non-Latin data was fixed
Making custom path for email tracking service
Small error in inserting email merging data fixed
Some specific errors in merging mail have been fixed

version 4.00 (December 27, 2006):
Restoring Atomic Mail Sender after the crashes
Changes in Recipients List editor
Recipients List window now opens automatically if was not closed last time
Blinking in Send Mail Monitor is fixed when mail is sending
Changes in the Help system
Atomic Email Tracker - tracking who exactly opens, reads and clicks
Atomic Unsubscriber - delete subscribers with a few clicks
Small error in 'del dupes' function has been fixed
Changes in Message Settings, mailing list loading
User Interface changes in Scheduler
Resend non-sent messages option - as easy as 1-2-3. Only one click to re-send failed
Double click in main window status bar now acts better
Icons in Recipients List context menu
Using multiple external SMTP serves to send e-mail
Initial Atomic Mail Sender configuration wizard
"Reply-to" option is added
Alert on loading HTML with Flash
Updated Message Properties window - now it's more beautiful
Prompt to save a message on exit - now works 100% correct
Text files are not attached as inline text
10 new free templates are added
Sorting templates alphabetically in the list
Double click in templates list now automatically opens the selected template
Reminders to use Email Tracking service, if not switched On
Real-time connection log when sending a test message
Email delivery aborting - now it works instantly
Small errors in saving reports to Excel have been fixed
List of popular SMTP server added for better integration
DIGEST-MD5 authentication type for SMTP server authentication
CRAM-MD5 authentication type for SMTP server authentication
Close integration with Atomic Email Tracker on-line service
Many errors with software activation are solved now
Some errors fixed in test message delivery status
Some email re-delivery rules have been changed
Speed limiter sometimes could cause an error in External Email Delivery
Suggestion to name the tracking campaign by the project file name
Data merging bug has been fixed (fields with spaces could be inserted with error)
Detailed reports about sent newsletters
Errors in opening multi-column Excel files have been fixed
Tables editing - add/delete rows/columns/cells via main menu
Error in moving email list from Recipients list to the Send Mail Monitor
Error in editing email contacts in Recipients list
Advise not to send a huge messages
Reminder on loading AMS 2.xx files
Many user interface changes

version 3.14 (October 10, 2006):
SPAM blocking reports are added
Some changes in inserting messages from Templates
More options for inserting an image
Adding HTML code in Insert menu
More color presents in main menu
Custom SMTP Headers - checking the settings for correctness
Test message - by default, it offers send mail to yourself now
Insert tracking code - bad characters now removed automatically
Logs now open for only processed messages, not for messages in "delivering..." mode
Monitoring Clipboard when you try load message from WWW
Error in displaying message size has been fixed

version 3.13 (September 10, 2006):
Some errors in read and delivery receipts generation
Some changes in message formatting, now all mail servers have to accept mail

version 3.12:
Some errors in loading pages from Web have been fixed
Loading pages from web - hourglass cursor to see the downloading progress
Strong bug in opening MRU file has been fixed
Positive changes in Scheduler working

version 3.11 (August 22, 2006):
New tracking method - for Atomic Email Tracker
Opening Word documents in Atomic Mail Sender
Save non-sent message list to the alternative file (to re-send mail later)
Custom headers option
Small changes in the user interface
Compatibility with Dreamweaber/Publisher/FronPage HTML files
Removing some unwanted spaces in Common Settings automatically
Small bugs in Inserting email merging macros
MRU projects opening bug fixed
Compatibility with Atomic Email Hunter files without extension fixed
Saving templates in the trial version
Header names now correctly loaded in Recipients list
Important changes in message formatting

version 3.10 (July 13, 2006):
Error loading some images from local files has been fixed
Integration with Atomic Email Tracker

version 3.04:
Excel/Word 2000 compatibility
Background images - another small error was fixed
Error in non removing the spaces in the email address
Integration with Member Area

version 3.03:
"Time out" errors are fixed

version 3.02:
Some errors with "Class not registered" are fixed
DNS autoconfiguration, if error in obtaining system DNS servers
Some small changes in Send Mail Monitor
Open the files saved by Atomic Email Hunter
Small error in SMTP AUTH base64 coding

version 3.01:
Scheduler bug has been fixed
Email background images error fixed

version 3.00:
Send mail scheduler
Native HTML support
More HTML editing options
Proxy/Socks server support
Load lists from MS Excel
Load lists from MS Word
Load lists from MS Access
Load lists from DBF files
Load message from any HTML file
Load message directly from Internet
Spell checking
Fast mailing list loading
Loading unlimited mailing lists
Delete duplicated email addresses option in List editor
Easy way to merge email data with the message
Message tracking option (additional service)
Email sending speed limitation
More friendly user interface
Send Mail Monitor shows more detailed information when sends
Better message formatting (Outlook based)
SMTP ERROR LOG - send comments to the developers option
All kinds of images are inserted and sent without any problems

version 2.90:
More easy-in-use "Autoconfiguration" tool

version 2.80:
Random tags options
Show tips / Hide tips switcher in Help menu
Some Copy/Paste/Cut problems solved
"Image not exists" if file not found.
No errors entering IP addresses in Settings
Better detection of invalid e-mail addresses
Main window - show / hide panels option
Checking attached files availability when adding them

version 2.75:
"Error codes" help in Send Mail Monitor
Some errors in SMTP AUTH have been fixed
Unwanted SMTP AUTHs are removed

version 2.70:
MRU file in File menu
Many problems with displaying messages in Outlook has been fixed
Pause between sending the message is available
Pop-up menu for editing area
Message Priority option added
Message Read Receipt option added
Message Delivery Receipt option added
Playing the sound after completing the job
Automatic configuration helper in Settings menu
Checking for the correct e-mail address in edit fields
Moving the columns in the mailing list (Recipients list)
Multiple selection and operation in Recipients List is available now

version 2.61:
Error in displaying the attached files in Outlook Express

version 2.60:
SMTP Authentication is now available
Pasting HTML files from the Clipboard
Opening the existing HTML file in File/Open
Checking to change the default address
Turning off smtp logging is now available
Small changes in ISP Troubleshooting window
"Send mail to a single person" now works in trial version too
New button to copy the smtp error log to the Clipboard
New options in Common Settings
New options in ISP Troubleshooting
New useful hints in Send Mail Monitor

version 2.51:
Small fix in Message-ID value

version 2.50:
Proper Message-ID field now set
Better and faster work with attached files and images
Easy way to bypass port 25 blocking using ISP SMTP server
Buttons in Send Mail Monitor are painted correctly now (in WinXP)
Some problems in email addresses counting have been fixed
File Attach button on Toolbar
Now it shows how much time remaining to deliver all email messages
More friendly mailing list loading before mail sending (if the list was empty)
Small bug in "Send mail to single person" window has been fixed

version 2.40:
Strong bug in images attaching has been fixed
Auto-detection of TEXT file format
Extraction of user names from RFC records in recipients list
Mail sending log in "Send single mail" window
Atomic Email Hunter loading from Recipients list window

version 2.36:
Personalization of TO field
External HTML Source bug fix (Outlook preview related)
Strong bug with POP before SMTP has been fixed
Small fix with empty company fields

version 2.35:
Percents in the title now are calculated properly
X-Mailer property is now set correctly
Organization header is now set properly

version 2.34:
During the mailing taskbar button shows how many %% is now sent
Timer now stops when all mail sent, not when you hit Ok button
Some of fatal errors are fixed
Easy reporting about send mail errors
Automatic loading of recipients list at project opening
New "--act project.amsm" parameter allowing to use external scheduler
Correct working if a firewall blocks the program

version 2.33:
// skipped due to some reasons on the site ...

version 2.32
Restoring of the mailing after possible PC crashes
DATE header value - small bug fixed
Message priority tag now set correctly
CSV-files import - small bug was fixed
Full integration with other our e-mail software
New command-line key "--list filename" to preload your mailing list
Small bug in "Send mail to a single person" was fixed
Some problems with HTML e-mail has been fixed

version 2.31
Unwanted long freezes now are fixed
Stack overflow errors are fixed
Help files were actualized
Exceeding POP3 authentications are excluded

version 2.30
A problem with sending images is now solved, they should be visible anywhere
A problem with lost attachments now should be fixed
Now mail delivered much better, a lot of errors are fixed
Concurrent connections are handled better in this version
55x SMTP errors now processed without any errors and delays
QUITs and timeouts now are processed better (was a big problem here)
Send Mail Monitor strong improvements
Automatic detection of DNS servers
Long waited HTML Templates support was added!
Mailing lists history added (Recent lists could be loaded quickly)
Command line parameters parsing error was fixed
No more HTML paragraphs formatting lost when transformed to a plain-text
Plain-text < - > HTML converting now works better
Small bug with New Project from Templates was fixed
Pasting HTML in text mode error was fixed
Popup menu in Recipients list
Smart deletion of invalid e-mail addresses from Recipients list
Recipients list - empty lines (e-mails) are not imported now
Better send one mail dialog - dropdown history box there
Keeps settings in Registry, no more settings.ini file needed
No more languages support
Insert horizontal line (
tag) added
Insert links - more friendly dialog, it now tracks the selection
Nice dropdown lists to choose font size and face name
New options in Send Mail Monitor's report, including export to MS Excel
A small bug with Message Format Type saving was fixed
Tab button in Message Editor now works
Easy SMTP log access
Viewing entire log for failed e-mails
Reports are not lost now when Send Mail Monitor closed
'Select all' command fixed

version 2.26
Error in displaying of sent mail details is fixed now
Save a list of recipients - prompt on replace added
CSV files loading - error fixed
MS Excel CSV files now could be loaded in Recipients list
Delivering of non-sent e-mails via ISP's SMTP
Retries are implemented
Detailed log for each sent/non-sent e-mail message
Search of e-mails in Recipietns list - small bug fixed
Small changes in text labels, Help System, Windows and Dialogs

version 2.25:
New message file format
Fixed a bug with opening of large files

version 2.24:
User-defined HELO domain option
Built-in HELO string (IP, host, auto)
Now trial version saves the settings
Syntax check of e-mail addresses in a list of recipients
Registration problems for some PCs are solved

version 2.23:
Fixed problem with Windows 2000/XP e-mail sending
Fixed problem with GIF images
Small bug with "Templates" was fixed
Using of default user name, e-mail and company name for new messages
Auto create new message with common template
Signatures for new messages added like in common mailers
Dropdown boxed in Message Details window, a fast way to reuse data
Some interface changes and improvements
Problem with large fonts was fixed

version 2.22:
Pasting data from Clipboard into additional fields
Problem with encrypted e-mail is solved

version 2.21:
Custom headers feature
"Reply-to" header added in addition to "From:"
Paste e-mail list in a list of recipients

version 2.20:
Insert images in HTML e-mail.
External HTML source to be sent as e-mail.
Find and Replace bug fix.
Import text modification.
Help system improvement.

version 2.10:
Import of CSV files with e-mail addresses (comma separated values).
X-Mailer property.

version 2.01:
Several bugs are gone.
General enhancements.
Fields separator for *.amsm files.
More information in Send Mail Monitor.

version 2.00:

The major update of AMS.
Totally changed user interface.
Added new mailing engine.
XP style windows and controls.
Project oriented style of work.
Rewritten documentation.
E-mail templates for often use.
E-mail message with common function.
Management of recipients list.
Send mail monitoring.
Editing of message details.
Internet settings modification ability.
Program (AMS) settings modification ability.
Fast registration procedure.
Hot tips for daily use.
Multi-lingual application.

versions 1.00-1.31:

Early versions of AMS should be upgraded to v2.00 or higher.

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