Customizing the program

You may customize a look of a program and its work in Common Settings Window. Click a button on toolbar or choose menu item "Settings|Common Settings" to open this window.

Currently you may to change options in next groups:

Mailer Settings:

Here you may change how AMS will sign sent messages, by default it signs them by built-in signature "Atomic Mail Sender version 2.00". But you may tell it to sign as Outlook, The Bat, Netscape or any other popular mailer.

Also you can increase/decrease a number of simultaneously sent messages (to make mailer more rapid) and character set for messages. It you don't know what it is you may skip this page and don't modify anything.

Sending options:

In this page you may enter new addresses of DNS servers. It is to speed up the sending of mail. To get know your DNS servers, you may contact your Internet Service Provider or run a program WINIPCFG.EXE under Windows 9x or PICONFIG under Windows 2000/NT/XP. In the most cases you may stay default DNS.

DNS server or SMTP server could be down, and time-out values show how much time AMS will wait them. If they don't answer, message couldn't be delivered currently.

Miscellaneous options:

Here are some different options to customize a look of AMS. Currently you may change a language of a program and enable/disable the saving of options.

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