Manage additional fields

In this window you may edit currently existing fields in the mailing list, add new or delete unused. Mailing list must contain at least one field with e-mail addresses of your subscribers. All other fields are optional and you may contain there additional information about users, e. g. their Full names, Mailing addresses, ZIP codes etc.

Some words about additional fields

Additional fields help to personalize the messages for each recipient. Look at this little example. Make a list of recipients with next fields:

E-Mail Name Web site Evgeny Sir/Madam John Doe

And enter next text in
Message Edit window

Dear %Name%.

I have visited you Web site %Web site% and found what it is not listed in our Directory. Would you like to add your URL in our list? We are offering standard listing for free and Premium listing service for only $29,95/mo.

To sign-up for the listing, please go to

When you will send such mail, you recipients will receive personified messages with their real names and Web site URL inside. It will NOT look as SPAM or opt-in mailing.

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