Sending the mail

When you have composed a mail message you should send it to your recipients. First, you have to make a list of recipients and only after it you can start mailing. You may send the message to all persons listed there by pressing F9, choosing menu item "Send mail|Send mail" or clicking an image with envelope on toolbar.

Also you may send the message to only one e-mail address. Press Shift-F9, choose menu item "Send mail|Send to a single person" or click an image on toolbar. In appeared window type e-mail address where to send currently edited message.

Instantly after it AMS will begin to send mail.

In this Monitor Window you may see how many addresses are processed, which messages couldn't be sent (e. g. mailbox not found or invalid mail server). To abort the mailing press Abort button. Later you may resume this process from any e-mail in the list.

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