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Atomic Email Hunter - Quick Intro

Atomic Email Hunter is developed to extract e-mail addresses from the Internet. All you do is supply a URL or some keywords.. It automatically finds the best (relevant) sites and gathers the e-mail addresses from them. Using Email Hunter you are getting a target mailing list. There are two ways to search e-mail addresses:

Email address extractor URL Search - Simply type in any valid URL in Hunt field and press Enter to begin. Email Hunter will search that URL and any pages it links to. Need customize the searching? Hit Advanced... button and enter some limiters there. It makes your search more specific.

Keyword Search - Type in your choice of keywords and hit Enter. Email Hunter will find the most relevant sites matching the keywords. After finding the sites it will extract e-mail addresses from all of them. It is the best way to create a targeted mailing list.

In the Common Settings window you may define how Email Hunter will search. You may specify the number of simultaneousely processed pages, HTTP protocol settings, proxy server authentification details, e-mail filtering options etc.

Email Hunters' advanced features and ease of use combine to bring you the most effective email address extractor on the market, and at a price that makes it an unbeatable value.

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