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Enter a file name to store the extraction results if you are saving to a file, if you are exporting to the Clipboard then skip it.

Save to file

The main options here are:

Each e-mail address in a new line - if this option is checked then you will get a list of addresses and each e-mail address will take a one line.

All e-mail addresses in a one line - if this options is checked then all addresses will stored in a one line. It is the best option if you are going to paste e-mail in the Outlook or another e-mail client into To, CC or Bcc field.

Saving format is an important field. It defines how the addresses and additional information (owner's name and location where address was found first time) will be saved. You are able to use the macros here:

  • %E - an e-mail address
  • %U - a name of e-mail address owner
  • %L - a location where e-mail address was found first time
How to separate data - set a delimiter of e-mail addresses. It is enabled only in All e-mail addresses in a one line mode.

max number per line - limits the number of e-mail addresses in a one line. It is enabled only in All e-mail addresses in a one line mode.

Advanced Search Wizard
Advanced options
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