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View extracted contacts

IE Contacts Spy dialog window displays the tool panel and extracted contact information. The dialog window is launched by clicking IE Contact Spy button in the tool panel of Internet Explorer, through IE Tools menu or by right-clicking with a mouse and selecting IE Contacts Spy in the pop-up menu.

Filter contacts

The table of contacts has four fields.

  • Type of contact - 7 types available, each with own icon.
  • Contact - the contact information itself, i.e. phone number or e-mail address.
  • URL - address of the website where the contact information was extracted from.
  • Date - date and time when the contact was extracted.

Clicking appropriate table header allows you to sort the contacts out in ascending or descending order.

The tool panel consists of four buttons

  • Filter - launches element filtration dialog window.
  • Remove - removes all contacts
  • Save - launches contact save dialog window
  • Help - launches help.


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