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Atomic List Manager - Getting started

Atomic List Manager (ALM)

Attention e-mail marketers. You can increase your ROI up to 15-25% if you use List Manager.
This list management utility is capable of splitting and merging lists, sorting e-mails to exclude duplicate, invalid or free mails (like List Manager can also personalize mailing lists. It identifies e-mails with Name string, then searches for the same e-mail address that misses the name and adds it automatically.

The program is designed to sort (all operations are given below) and to transform/convert huge emailing lists placed in files. The only thing you need is to indicate the files' names and the operation rules and you'll get an output file with the results of operation execution.

Atomic List Manager

The elements of program's main window:

      1. Root menu - the main program menu;
      2. Operation choose panel - a panel with the list of all operations;
      3. Parameters setting panel - a panel where you select the parameters of the chosen operation.

How to work with the program.

The program is very easy to use. You need to choose the necessary operation at the Operation choose panel. The parameters required for the given operation performance appear on the left side of the Parameters setting panel. Having preset the parameters and pressed the "RUN" key you get an output file (files).

Supported formats.

For all operations 2 types of addresses lists supported:

;E-mail, User name, Age, Company, Evgeny Medvednicov, 23, AtomPark Software, Bill Gates, 48, Microsoft Corp, , ,

Self-working it means that there could be any number of fields that are separated by commas. When the very first line in a file starts with “;” it contains the names of the fields (they are widely-used in Atomic Mail Sender).

 The second type is type used in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express programs.

“Evgeny Medvednicov” <>
”Bill Gates” < >

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