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Ad d Names(Name adding)

The operation enriches the address list with the email boxes users names from the lists. Take two files, for example, root file contains the following lines:

"JS" <>
"Mr. Andrian" <>
and file with names contains:
"John Smith" <>
"Jane Loran" <>
After the enriching operation completion the result will be as follows:
"John Smith" <>
"Jane Loran" <>
"Mr. Andrian"

It's possible to choose one of three operation modes:

  • enrich without names - to enrich only those addresses that have no names at all;
  • choose the longest name - to enrich the addresses by choosing from two possible names the longest one (in our case, we can see the enrichment of "JS"< and;
  • enrich all possible - to substitute/replace all names that could be replaced. Applying the 3rd mode the replacement will not be made only in case when addresses in file with the names doesn't contain name at all (here, the address "Mr.Andrian" will not be replaced by applying non of 3 modes).

The operation provides the possibility of making a final list of 2 types:

Type 1, John Smith, Jane Loran Mr. Andrian

Type 2
"John Smith" <>
"Jane Loran" <>
"Mr. Andrian"

the selection is made with the help of radio-keys at the "file type" field.

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