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Filter by fields (Field-based filtering)

A file for that operation should contain field names title.
        ;Email address, User name, Age, Country.

For instance, we got a list containing addresses and additional parameters for them. E.g.:

        ;Email address, User name, Age, Country, Adolf, 24, Germany, Teresa, 27, Spain, Muller, 27, Germany, Bill, 77, USA, Bill, 24, Canada 

The filtering is a capability to extract and save only those records that comply with some criteria. For instance, the task is to choose all records with users from Germany only. So we come to the following results:

         ;Email address, User name, Age, Country
, Adolf, 24, Germany
, Muller, 27, Germany

Or all records with Bill as a user name mentioned:

         ;Email address, User name, Age, Country
, Bill, 77, USA
, Bill, 24, Canada

Or all records with negation, e.g., all users whose addressees do not contain "mail".

         ;Email address, User name, Age, Country
, Bill, 24, Canada

For operation execution you have to indicate an input file name and then hit "Parse" key, the fields from the list appears at the "Apply to…" field. Then you have to make one or several (or more) rules with required parameters. Indicate the output files and press "Run" key.

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