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Sort (within the list addresses sorting)

There can be following sorting operations:

  • Whole string - sorting according to the whole string (alphabetically);
  • Email addresses - a sorting according to email addresses only (alphabetically);
  • Domain 1st level - a sorting according to the 1st level domain (as there can be more than 2 domains);
  • Domain 2nd level - a sorting according to the 2nd level domain.

If you mark "reverse sort" field the sorting will be made with the reverse order.

You need to:

    1. Select the sorting operation type ("sort by…" selection field);
    2. Select a file to be sorted ("file to sort" selection field);
    3. Choose a file for sorting results saving ("output file" entry field);
    4. Press ''RUN" key.

Having finished the operation you could check the files with the results by pressing "VIEW" button.

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