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Split list (List splitting)

The operation is designed to split the mailing list according to the following parameters:

  • first letter - split according to the 1st alphabet letters of the address range; in other words maximum 26+10 files are made;
  • domain - split according to the domain (i.e.,, etc.);
  • zone - according to the domain registration zone (i.e. .com, .net, .org, .ru, .info etc.);
  • count of elements - according to the address number at the output list;
  • size of output files - according to the output files volume (Bytes).

To name the output files a mask is used. The file name is given according to the pattern with metacharacter application. Two types of metacharacters are used in a masks: ? or . E.g. my?.txt or my*.txt. For ? symbol a file sequence number is used, for *symbol - a line according to the chosen operation.

  • First letter - the 1st symbol of email address;
  • Domain - a domain name (i.e. mail., aol, yahoo etc);
  • Count of elements - a record number in source file;
  • Size of output files - a record number in source file.

For the operation execution it's necessary to set a splitting type, name of an input file and a folder for the input files saving. You also need to set a catalogue for newly created files saving.

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