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Using the Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

How to use the program

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer (ANE) is developed to extract e-mail addresses and user names from the newsgroups (usenets). Just enter a server address or choose it from the default list and the program will download the names of all available groups. Then select some interested groups to explore and ANE will gather all the addresses and names
from these groups.

Actually, it takes a half an hour to get the new targeted list of e-mail addresses using ANE! The list can be saved to a file, Windows Clipboard or MS Word or MS Excel application.

To get the list of news groups, select a news server through the main window menu item News server or through News group loading panel. The list of the news groups will be displayed in “Downloaded news group panel”.

If necessary, it is possible to add any news group through a context menu (as in some cases, a news server may return only part of all available news groups, omitting private ones for security reasons) Addnewsgroup.

To extract e-mail addresses, mark the check boxes next to the groups of interest in “Downloaded news group panel”.

If it is necessary to download information from a single group, select the menu item Explore this newsgroup through the context menu of “Downloaded news group panel”.

Press Start in the main menu or use a hotkey in “Hotkey panel".

The information is extracted using multiple threads real-time. All results are saved in Loaded user names and e-mails panel. Only unique e-mail addresses are saved.

It is possible to temporarily interrupt the process by pressing Pause.

“Status panel” shows the number of currently processed news groups out of all selected (Groups loaded from selected), and the number of e-mails extracted (Emails).

When the loading process is finished, the extracted addresses may be edited. Actions available are as follows - Add address, delete selected addresses, Edit address

Export results (please, see the appropriate main menu items and corresponding context menu items).

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