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Register Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

The current version of Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is distributed under a "free to try" license. That means you may download a trial version for evaluation. The trial version has some features locked. If you wish to purchase the program for unrestricted use, the cost is $49.85 USD. You will be sent a code to register the software through email.

What the registration does give me?

Online purchase

To buy Atomic Newsgroup Explorer on-line please follow the link below:

Telephone and Fax Orders

If using telephone or fax orders, please include product ID: 7077-17 to ensure that you are paying for the right product.

US only (toll free): 877-353-7297
Outside the US: 425-392-2294

US only (toll free): 888-353-7276
Outside the US: 425-392-0223

Check via Postal Mail

Please make sure you are making your check out to "Register Now!". You need to provide all of the information on the regular order form except credit card information. Please make sure you've included the product ID: 7077-14 to ensure that you are paying for the right product, and your postal and e-mail address for speedy service.

Please mail checks to:

Register Now!
ATTN: Orders
PO Box 1816
Issaquah. WA 98027
United States of America

Purchase Orders

If using purchase orders, make sure you've included the product ID: 7077-17 to ensure that you are paying for the right product.

A purchase order must be faxed or mailed with all necessary information including billing information. Most companies who choose to use the purchase order option have a standard form they use for making these types of orders.

Other Payment Methods are available.

We also accept Western Union international money transfer and PayPal payments.

If you are software developer and have an account at RegNow, RegSoft or Emetrix you may ask about vendor-to-vendor tranfers.

If you have a fresh idea how to register AHPP feel free to contact us. We are always looking for way to improve our service and your experience with us.