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Settings / DNS

DNS protocol settings are defined on this tab.

Setting valid DNS servers

Up - moves the currently selected DNS server up. Since the program connects to DNS servers from topmost to those located lower in the list the order of servers defines importance of each server in the sequence

Down - moves the currently selected DNS server down.

Delete - deletes the currently selected DNS server from the list.

Edit - saves the modified name of a DNS server from the edit field to the list.

Add - adds the new name of a DNS server from the edit field to the list. If the DNS server name is already in the list nothing is added.

Load system DNS list - Pressing this button will load the list of DNS servers from operating system network configuration files. This function may not work on some operating systems/ If it does not work you should enter DNS servers names manually.

Number of threads - Specifies the number of threads that work simultaneously when checking domain names. Setting this value to very small number of threads (less than 5) or large number (more than several hundreds depending on your computer performance) may significantly slow down the entire process.

Number of retries - specifies the number of retried connections to each DNS server. The recommended setting is 2-3 retries (if the DNS server does not respond after 2-3 retries move on to the next DNS server on the list)

DNS cache time to live - Each domain checkup result is stored in dnscache.txt file. The date of checkup is stored in this file too. If the difference between the date, saved in dnscache.txt file and the current date is greater than this value the domain name will be treated as unchecked and it will be re-checked. The recommended setting is 7-14 days.

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