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Save addresses

Once you have processed some domain names and got new e-mail addresses you need save them. Atomic Whois Explorer provides you four different ways:

  • saving to a text file;
  • copying to Windows Clipboard;
  • exporting to MS Word;
  • exporting to MS Excel
To save, choose menu item Results and then click on any submenu item. Exporting to MS Word/Excel is a very simple operation, just choose this menu item and all listed e-mail addresses will automatically transferred to the desired Office application. When copying to Clipboard, all listed e-mail addresses will copied to the Clipboard buffer and you will able to paste them to anywhere.

Results / Save to file opens a new window where you may customize the saving.

Save extracted e-mail addresses

In this window you may enter a file name to save found e-mail addresses. In addition, resulting file may contain domain names and expiration dates. All this is selected in "Data to save" group box. Include header shows will the file contain a header describibg saved data or will not (this header is a one line at the tof of file). If Quote fields is checked then all data (domain name, e-mail addresses and expiration dates) will quoted.

Note: unregistered trial version does not allow save results!

Create new project and start extracting
Register the program and allow saving