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How to start

Atomic Whois Explorer works with project. This way you should create a new project to begin data gathering. To create a new project choose menu item File/New project or click the first button on toolbar. A new window will appear:

Create new extraction project

Here you should complete a list od domain what you want to explore. There are two ways how to fill this list out. First way is a simple, but very slow - enter each domain name one-by-one manually. Press Add button to add a new domain name. Duplicated records will not added. Another way is preffered and saves you time adding a huge list within a few seconds, press Import list to do that.

Import list of domain

In Import from where you should choose a source of data - either Windows Clipboard or local file from the disk. Import what defines a type of your data. If Import from list of domains is checked then Atomic Whois Explorer will read each non-empty line from your data source as a domain name. If Extract domains... is checked then the program will try to parse each line and extract domain name from suggested data. Now it may extract domain names from mailto:, http: and ftp: links. In other words, you may copy to Clipboard any list of the links and Whois Explorer will read domains from that list and add them to itw list automatically.

Finally, press OK to create this project. Now main window contains a list of domains that are ready to be explored. Click a button on toolbar or choose menu item Explore/Start to start data extraction.

Save extracted email addresses
Register the program and allow saving