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Atomic Email Service Integration

Integrate emailing into your project

Now you can integrate Atomic Email Service features into your projects. Using our API gateway, you can send e-newsletters, create address books, manage mailing lists, and personalize each e-mail message right from within your project.

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You can see an example of complete API integration in the Usage example section, with step-by-step instructions using the PHP language.

Expert Atomic Email Service integration can make automate your e-mail marketing. Everything you need, like mailing list synchronization, requires minimum user intervention. For example:

  • Checking the continued relevance of the mailing lists under the current CRM
  • Development of separate structures for e-mail newsletters sent to Internet portals
  • Continuous updating of subscriber lists, taking into account new online shop customers' email addresses
  • Support for working with statistical analysis systems and data mining

The cost of e-mail messages sent via API is the same as the cost for sending messages from the Atomic Email Service Member Area.

Information for developers

Our company is interested in implementing scripts for email service integration with various CRM and CMS systems, as well as online shops. If you implement integration for any of these systems, we would very much like to promote this information on our website, along with detailed usage instructions and a link to the developer's webpage. Please contact us if this interests you.

For your reference, we have a detailed API with an example implementation using PHP.

We are also interested in the paid development of integration modules. Please contact us for more information.