We don't offer web based service any longer since we consider Atomic Sender a more affordable and suitable offer.
You get Atomic Bulk Email Service for $ 89.9, no monthly fees.
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Email Broadcast with Atomic Email Service Offers:

  • Autoresponder

    A series of emails that are sent automatically. You create the text only once, adjust the settings, and your subscribers start to receive emails according to the schedule you've chosen.

  • Split test

    Optimize your email broadcasts: compare two versions of an email, which are identical except for one variation that can influence click-through rate.

  • Statistics

    Once your email broadcast is complete, Atomic Email Service provides detailed statistics that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.

  • White Label

    A special feature of the service. When using our white label option, you can broadcast emails with no mention of Atomic email service or AtomPark.

Compose emails with our tools

  • Personalization

    The service allows you to specify the recipient's personal information in any email.

  • Templates

    Atomic Email Service has ready-made templates that simplify the process of creating emails.

  • Responsive email

    Emails created in the new editor with the help of an adaptive layout can easily be read on any smartphone or tablet.

  • HTML editor

    The HTML editor offers all the necessary functions to edit your email messages.

Polish email broadcasts

  • Scheduler

    A special feature of the service that allows you to set in advance the time and date of an email broadcast.

  • Free emails

    Our free pricing plan is designed to allow you to pre-test the service and broadcast emails to a small list of people.

  • Sender address

    The service allows you to create and activate an unlimited number of sender addresses.

Monitor Email Broadcast Results

  • Statistics

    Detailed statistics displays the results of your email broadcasts.

  • Click map

    This feature shows the number of clicks on every link included in your emails.

  • Data export

    Results of email broadcasts can be saved locally on your computer.

Mailing lists

  • Subscription forms

    Atomic Email Service's form generator allows you to create a subscription form, change its' style, add additional fields, and edit text.

  • Unsubscribe links

    The user can use the service's default unsubscribe links, or create his own with a special design.

  • Unsubscribe pages

    The service allows you to customize a unique design for an unsubscribe page where the unsubscribe form is placed.

  • Block email addresses

    Email addresses of people who have unsubscribed are blocked automatically, but not removed from your mailing lists.

  • Number of mailing lists

    The service allows you to upload an unlimited number of mailing lists. The more mailing lists you have, the more effective your email broadcast is.

Commission fee on a transaction is fulfilled by the payer

4.9 % commission of the transaction value, but not less than 1 %