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Subscription Forms

A subscription form is a functional block containing fields for entering personal information (name, email, phone, etc.) that is placed on your website. The subscription form’s main task is to collect the personal information of those clients who have filled the form and wish to receive your e-newsletters, and collate this information into a separate list of email addresses for future mailings.

Atomic Email Service features include a subscription form generator that is available in the corresponding Subscription Forms menu item.

Our subscription form generator allows you to change form style, add additional fields, and edit texts. This is a convenient feature because you can easily generate a subscription form that fully matches your website style.

This two-level subscription system provides you with great opportunities. First of all, you are able to assign a unique address book to the form, where each client's email address will be saved after he or she fills out the form. The second is that you can choose to send an automatic confirmation letter, which ensures the quality and relevance of the collected mailing lists.

In order to create a subscription form, just go to the Subscription Form item in Atomic Email Service’s left menu, and generate a new form by defining its fields and design, and specifying main settings.

After generating your form, you can see its HTML code in the next window to the right. Copy this code and insert it in your website. The form will display on the webpage with your customized design.

Note that including a subscription form on your website is always a good way to attract new subscribers and to get high-quality and legally collected mailing lists.

AtomPark Software guarantees the safety of any data transferred via Atomic Email Service and the non-proliferation of any information about its customers and partners without their consent.

Commission fee on a transaction is fulfilled by the payer

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